A Beginners Guide on B2B Content Syndication, Boost Traffic And More With Digital Content Syndication, The possibility that you would outrank your own content, The websites where you are doing the syndication could be disreputable, The leads could be poor in terms of quality. Such work creates a position for you in your industry as a thought leader. Syndicated content gives you updated information all the time. Resources such as Microsoft’s DCCN web content syndication service make it easier to save valuable time and money. This is applicable to the places where they may already be searching. Benefits Of Content Syndication. However, if someone then goes searching for your keywords from that post, the Lifehacker article may appear first in Google search results, as opposed to your version, discouraging people from actually visiting your site. Content syndication is a ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ arrangement, where one website publishes someone else’s content, and the website it came from gets something in return. These third-party sites allow you to capitalize on their audience, while linking directly back to the original post on your site. Have you gotten results from it? Once you’ve done that, you can map it out in a content calendar – it’s the best way to stay organised. Lack of originality – if you rely too heavily on third-party content, you’re not likely to have a unique take on things. But it is very easy to get wrong. There are two ways to do this. The benefits of video syndication are multiple, but the primary and the most prominent of them is getting your content in front of a new set of eyes. You could start by setting them all to open in a new tab, so that visitors aren’t taken directly away from your site. Just because it came from another source does not mean you can’t have a winning content promotion strategy to go with it. Required fields are marked *. Here are three features that take this service to the top: Easily direct your customers to the next logical step in their purchase journey with the ‘Buy Now’ feature. The very act of content syndication is such that there is always a high possibility that you are creating duplicate content. Cost syndication is a cost-effective approach to trigger your content marketing strategies to go further. All Rights Reserved. So, it’s important that the syndicated content you publish is complementary to your own brand voice. Plagiarism involves stealing another person’s work and passing it off as your own, without giving any acknowledgement to the original creator. The biggest issue that you could possibly face with content syndication is the creation of duplicate content. Your email address will not be published. Directly approaching bloggers and publications – this has the benefit of building direct connections with other brands and gives you complete control. However, it has to be done the right way. The purpose of syndicated content is not to trick the users or search engines since its primary goal is to promote high-quality, helpful content. Getting a customer to the right product, at the right moment in their purchasing decision has never been easier. A lot of people frown on the very prospect of syndicating content, which happens to be promotional in nature. After all, syndicated content is duplicate content, and we all know that Google penalizes websites for that, right? As has been said already, such services help you expose your content to a new audience. This helps you configure links that take them to pages where you sell featured products. The third-party website gets free, relevant content. How does it help your business? Well, content creators also have sufficient reasons to want to get their content syndicated, so let’s see what these are. What is content syndication? Branding – similarly, your choice of content also reflects on your brand. It’s possible to use syndicated content in the same way, cherry-picking posts that chime with your own values. If you’re republishing content from a site that is more popular or well-known than yours, their copy will invariably come first, which prevents your site from getting as many hits and from standing out. It also helps with SEO, as an empty website or blog is unlikely to start climbing the rankings. Namely, having duplicate content can impair your search engine rankings, but it doesn’t have to. Better SEO: The right syndication opportunities provide author bylines, including a link back to your … It makes your brand a lot more reputable as well. This way your content would get extra bylines for authors. © 2020 aMarketForce. Let us know in the comments! Keeping your web pages fresh can sometimes be a struggle for some.

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