But this is the essence of professional wrestling. If you ask me tomorrow it would probably be a different list entirely, but this Saturday I'll say: A couple of Irishmen in my list, but that seems to be what is being requested. Enjoy learning with us MDW, that's what we are all doing. As I previously said for me wrestlers, players represent the era, the time, the tastes, the culture. The chronology starts in 1961. The criteria is any and all factors that make a pro wrestler legendary. You mentioned developing this idea to aid your learning. I hope it isn't in order of merit because I think there are going to be some complaints if it is. I'd be interested to see your list even if you don't want to go to 50. World Euro Britain. The main criterion was to find 70 guys who were active that month so that, as fans leafed through the magazine during the show, they would be reassured of witnessing at least several top-tenners in action. William Regal is currently seen weekly as the general manager of WWE NXT. Master of hold and counter hold combination, fast hands, some floor gymnastics, acrobatic, bodyslams and suplexes to some extent. Johnny Saint, Vic Faulkner kind of wrestlers. The best sort of question because there is no right answer of course, and as Anglo Italian says we would probably come up with a different fifty tomorrow. LIKE: hold counter hold combo, fast hands, floor gymnastics, acrobatics, suplexes, slams. Don't think Black Butcher Johnson was born here. Great Era=Great Wrestlers. Not my thing. The fourth title was Commonwealth, showing that month as held by Andy Robin. Of course it's all to do with criteria. Ron, thanks it appears to me that most influential were 1930s. I recall at the time that the listing was more interesting for specifying in which weight category each wrestler was. In the 30s instead everyone, not just fans, knew who was the champ and etc. colbeck was an extremely skilled wrestler who made it look easy, the length of career in a fairly prominent position in his weight class makes him a legitimate addition. I do at least know 42 of yours. And we'll all have our own interpretations of "great.". WAWW British Ladies Championship (1 time) WAWW Ladies Hardcore Championship (1 time) NXT Women's Championship (1 time) WWE Divas Championship (2 times) ... #49 of 73 The Best TNA Wrestlers of All Time #13 of 20 The Best WWE Women's and … And it seems a fitting place to start given the first person to occupy the top spot is Duane "Tiny" Benedix, the puller that Bill Soberanes, founder of the sport, considered to be the strongest armwrestler (wristwrestler) of all time. Men or woman or both that were the greatest mat technicians you have ever seen. Ok Ron, you put Maxine and I'll slip in Torontos! 10 Most Influential British Wrestlers Ever (According To An American) Who knows British wrestling better than an American? This time around, we are going to look at the greatest technical wrestlers of all time. It was a Joint Promotions listing compiled in Dale Martin land. Not only is he the best-known British wrestler of all time, but I feel … By British, I included English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish wrestlers. When the historians at the Wrestling Classics board did a "100 Greatest" list only three British wrestlers received votes. Dai Sullivan , Alf Rawlings , Tommy Mann , Jack Dempsey , Andy Robin . You might not know it, but Britain has quite a history in the professional wrestling business. I would remove BBJ, push everyone else up one and add Dundee. This site only covers to 1988 so I am not doing beyond. Mask (Orford) , Black Mask (Nuttall), Nagasaki , Bartelli , Ghoul (Bates). I fail to see how you can not include Kendo Nagasaki in your list. The oriinal list is s good one. I'm not sure how to define merit. That is an excellent spot for him and a nice… Subjectiveness. Naggers is there are Number 34 on my list, Bill. Bill Howes , Mike Marino , Garfield , Francis Gregory, Mancelli.. No, not into powerhouse style, neither into submissions. Delivering passionate and comprehensive entertainment coverage to millions of users world-wide each month. Anyway back to the top 50 list. And we'd all include a few names that others haven't heard of. To start, I have no idea what I am talking about on this subject. In-ring: Andre is known as one of the best big man wrestlers of all time but his size and his speed handicapped him in ever having a match that would be remembered as a five star clinic. I have been a fan of this site and have been reviewing it for years and it seems there is a wide gap in knowledge and appreciate of British wrestlers (at least by those who voted in the other list). I also forgot that Bill Dundee was born in Scotland. Thanks to Hack for his support and kind words. ... which is the best place to read my fiction work. He was the biggest name of the 1980s, had a forty year career, was apparently a reasonable wrestler until his latter days and had a huge impact> He could be in there somewhere but I decided against because he made little impact in the days he could wrestle, and could not wrestle by the time he was making an impact. New, 10 Undertaker WWE Dream Matches We'll Never See, 11 Ups & 1 Down From AEW Dynamite (Nov 25). Wrestlingdata.com lists his birthplace as United Kingdom but that doesn't make it fact. It appears from the responses that I gave more credit to being a star internationally than others might. You ask of the Music Hall/ Fields wrestlers , mainly Wigan catch merchants. And I bet if Ron gets his magnifying glass out he'll be able to knock out several on the basis of place of birth. 5) Lou Thesz – one of the 1st great early champions in wrestling history. In: Sports, United Kingdom, Web Only. What was your main criteria when you made up this Saturday List of yours? That 1971 list of ratings should be taken with a large pinch of salt. The WWE Championship was once held in the tattooed hands of CM Punk for 434 days. The list is about where the wrestlers were born not where they wrestled. Ruslan, you seem not to like "hold and counter-hold" wrestlers ( can't quite grasp the message in your "Personal Taste" post). The list includes yokozuna and ōzeki (the highest rank before the yokozuna rank was introduced), but excludes so-called kanban or "guest ōzeki" (usually big men drawn from local crowds to promote a tournament who would never appear on the banzuke again) and wrestlers for which insufficient data is available. I apologize if something like this is already in the works. Wrestlers became sort of cultural phenomenon, mass culture. Quite possibly this is what makes JIM BREAKS stand out from them all. Don't see Billy Joyce in this list what year was it why he's not in there I wonder... Anglo. It's sunny Sunday now, Ruslan, and I am up early after a sleepless night - the thought of Alan Colbeck making Ron's Top Fifty was haunting me. You might be right Anglo , perhaps I should have gone for Brian Maxine. I did spread them out as well as I could. Where would you put Williams on the list and why? Ron, Hack, Anglo what would be yours personal choice? Ultimately Johnny Saint and Vic Faulkner would be my favorites. A splendid question mdw215, look what you've started. I see from his profile on this site that his birthplace may be unresolved. Each weight class had a bunch of exceptional wrestlers, the superheroes. I gave thought to Big Daddy. I realize they are incredibly outdated but, does anyone have Charles Mascall's ratings? Ian Pringle. Billy Robinson, Dynamite Kid and Big Daddy. As for Marino I recall him wearing 4 belts around the same ...which was the 4th title? One of the most unconventional looking champions WWE has ever had, Punk was not only excellent at cutting promos, but his in-ring work was top level. - travelled all over the country (hence excluded Robin), - made wrestling look real (excluded Haystacks, though he was a good draw). Adams, Charles, Thornton, Regal, Smith and Eagles don't really come across as "great" to me in the way Billy Riley, Mitzi Mueller, Jack Dale, Johnny Kincaid, John Naylor, Wayne Bridges and Wild Ian Campbell do.

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