May not be combined with other offers. As soon as the tea touched her lips, she awoke and began to regain strength. Easily my favorite oolong, Da Hung Pao typically balances a pleasing smokiness and an appetizing green flavor. The emperor sent the symbolic red robes of nobility to the farmer who saved his wife, granting him land and status. Some people even say that all oolongs originated with Big Red Robe and the tea of Wuyi, as the word oolong translates to dark dragon. Nothing changed the empress’ state. It has a wonderful full flavor and comforting aroma, ( I like it extra strong) and strange to me, an oolong that finishes with a red color almost like a pekoe. We’ll be sure to share it’s arrival through our weekly mailer, as well as on social media. 10/10/2020 : True Aroma: Tasting Yunnan Jasmine Teas, 09/26/2020 : Nixi Pottery and Dangzhen Pichu, 09/26/2020 : Tasting Journal: 2020 Wild Bai Mudan, 09/23/2020 : Tasting Journal: 2020 1st Picking Shi Feng Dragonwell. Next to water, tea is the world’s most polular beverage. It is said that a high-ranking official of the king fell sick and the imperial doctors could not treat him. It is difficult to find authentic Big Red Robe that is exported from China. The way the aftertaste lingers, I think peach is a very fitting description. He called all the greatest doctors of China, who tried their healing arts, preparing remedies from the rarest of herbs. I just signed up for the Tea of the Month Club and hopefully will receive more of this tea in the future . When opening the pouch this tea gives off an aroma that announces delights to come. Mine was brownish with red tones. As soon as I made my first brew of this delightful tea gong fu style I knew this was the REAL Big Red Robe, especially from the sweetness in the aftertaste. © 2019 Verdant Tea. This Big Red Robe tea is now one of my favorite tea along with Ginseng Oolong and the 5 year aged Pu-erh tea. To me it has the aroma of a big juicy, earthy peach (as weird as it sounds). All that the emperor could do was  issue a proclamation across the land begging any who had a cure to come to the imperial city, promising riches. Verdant Tea’s Big Red Robe has to be in stock in my tea collection at all times. The taste and the aroma are followed by the beautiful glowing color of the liquid. These three are my current favorites which I drink daily but I think the Big Red Robe is the one I drink the most. The high-end Big Red Robes of China are closely related to the original bushes, since they were created by grafting clippings of the real bushes onto nearby tea bushes growing on the cliffs of Wuyi. Exclusions may apply., Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window). A Great Value! In those days, the empress had grown up in the mountains of Wuyi in Fujian province before being taken to the imperial court to live out her days. It is usually reserved for high-up government officials, and as gifts for dignitaries. Oolongs have become my favorite teas and this is one that I enjoy with some regularity. They are considered a national treasure, part of China’s cultural heritage. For more on big red robe tea check out the, Let's Drink Tea A Great Value. This tea is the standard for oolong tea. This could either be a reference to the dark curled shape of the leaves that is distinct to Big Red Robe, or a reference to a specific precipice of the Wuyi mountains that was named Wulong because it was shaped like a dragon. That all changed when I decided to give Da Hung Pao one more try. New Customer? I am so glad you enjoyed the sample of Big Red Robe While the 2016 harvest that you tried is now sold out for the year, we do have the 2017 harvest from the Li Family on the way! 11639 Marihugh Place This has to be my favorite of all teas. It's a one-time offer. It’s defining features are long, dark, twisted leaves that have been partially oxidized (like black tea… I hope you get to try the new harvest from the Li Family! This one, Big Red Robe, seems to me to fall in the middle range of the "smokiness." Try our Chinese Tea Sampler. Very relaxing drink and something that should not be rushed through, most of the teas i have gotten from i have been able to brew more then 5 times at about 30-45 seconds per infusion and each time the infusions taste better and better. Description Grown in Wuyishan, Fujian, China, within the Wuyishan ecological reserve. Far away in the mountains of Wuyi in Xing Village, a pious farmer heard the proclamation and felt sadness in his heart. Lovely to look at. Da Hung Pao yields a golden yellow liquid that produces a pleasant long lasting aftertaste. I really really like this tea. It is designated both a ‘Chinese Famous Tea’ and a ‘The Four Great Bushes’ tea. Big Red Robe Tea is the most expensive tea brand of the world and this tea brand is made from Wuyi Rock tea plants grown in Wuyi Mountain, Fujian Province, China. This tea is also renowned for its nourishing medicinal properties. Then within the Oolong tea family, Big Red Robe Oolong has become known as the finest Oolong tea. That night, a goddess – perhaps even Guanyin herself – came to him in a dream and revealed the cure: twisted bushes growing off the side of a great cliff. Some say that she was afflicted with homesickness, longing for the rocky misty cliffs of Wuyi, but trapped in a cage of jewels and silks. Try our partners most popular teas and save 10% | Fast Shipping from the USA. Also find out 3 best Big Red Robe Tea brands of the world. Box 582596 • Minneapolis, MN 55458 • (612) 999-1383 After buying many so-called big red robe oolongs from various websites I still had not tasted what the hype was all about, especially being among the list of China's top ten. On a cold and blustery day I love coming in and reaching for my Red Robe. I can steep it more than once and it is just as sweet and fragrant as it is supposed to be. Mt. All Rights Reserved. A Great Value! Aroma and taste is earthy and sweet; the beautiful brownish-red glow is a delight to the eye. It is a long leaf oolong tea with a sweet aroma, a … This rare tea is still hand picked by family farmers and tea masters like the Li Family in Xing Village, and still benefits from the rocky soil and misty air of Wuyi, but is available in quantities large enough to sell. Legendary cup of hand picked roasted oolong! Pour the tea into the teacups and enjoy your tea. I put it in a class of teas that (for lack of better terminology) I label as "smokey" flavored. In fact, the Chinese tea farmers still speak with indignation of President Nixon, who was given a small canister of real Big Red Robe, but did not seem to understand its importance. I just received a sample of this tea and I must say it’s absolutely amazing! Monks from the Fujian province heard of this and brought tea leaves from the Wuyi Mountain.

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