Make sure the needle is fitted properly and that the needle clamp is not loose. Brother PQ1500SL. If the thread tension is too tight, the upper thread will also break. Remove the needle by turning the handwheel counter-clockwise so the mark is pointing upward. FAQs & Troubleshooting: Contact Us; Product Registration; Visit; Category Description; Problems during sewing: Solutions for problems during sewing: Sewing result: Solutions for problems related to sewing results: How-to FAQs. Filter Brother PQ1500SL FREE Instruction Manuals. Most sewing machines are now computerized and will give you an error message, which will help you determine where the problem lies. The PQ1500SL is a high-speed straight stitching machine, sewing up to 1,500 stitches per minute! Make sure the machine is threaded properly and that there are no knots or tangles in the thread. Unplug the foot controller if you are using the automatic function. By: Cayden Conor Updated April 12, 2017. Brother makes many different models of sewing machines. Sewing machine jams can be easily fixed in a few steps. Check that the machine is plugged in and that the main power switch is turned on. Kevin Owen has been a professional writer since 2005. Page 1 of 3. Posts: 120 Help! Reply Subscribe . Bobbin (Winding/Installing) How-to information about winding or installing bobbin. Share . Loosen the needle clamp with a small screwdriver, and pull the needle downward and out. This page was generated at 12:01 AM. The automatic threader feature on your Brother sewing machine is a convenience that eases most sewing tasks. FAQs & Troubleshooting: Contact Us; Product Registration; Visit; Category Description; Upper Threading: How-to information about upper threading. This is obviously a bad design. Computerized codes will tell you the probable cause and the solution. PQ1500SL; FAQs & Troubleshooting; Sewing (Utility Stitches) PQ1500SL. PQ1500SL. Replace the needle, rethread your machine and sew a test cloth to see if it is operating correctly. I am in dire need of help. She has been published on several websites and in the winter 1996 issue of "QECE." Threading the Brother PQ1500SL and a little extra - YouTube FAQs & Troubleshooting: Contact Us; Product Registration; Visit; Category Description; Problems during sewing: Solutions for problems during sewing: Sewing result: Solutions for problems related to … Print . Upper Threading; 3. Brother Sewing Manching Operation Manual. In the event that a malfunction occurs or adjustment is required, first follow the troubleshooting table in the back of the ope ration manual to inspect and adjust the machine yourself. View and Download Brother PQ1500S operation manual online. Always unplug your machine from the electrical outlet when making adjustments. Bobbin issues on new Brother Pq1500s. Getting Ready; // Leaf Group Lifestyle. Check the needle to make sure you are using the proper needle for the thickness of the thread. Needles; Thread; Bobbins / … Click here to display all models covered by this answer. Extra-large extension table & built in knee lifter In observance of the Thanksgiving holiday, will be available for Self Service and Online ordering only starting Thursday, November 26th. Unthread the automatic feeder by clipping the lead end of the string and pulling the thread through the machine by the spool. Find official Brother PQ1500S FAQs, videos, manuals, drivers and downloads here. Conor specializes in home and garden, dogs, legal, automotive and business subjects, with years of hands-on experience in these areas. E3: If you selected the buttonhole or tack bar stitch and start to sew with the buttonhole lever raised, you will get the E3 code. She has an Associate of Science (paralegal) from Manchester Community College and studied computer science, criminology and education at University of Tampa. However, it can frequently seize up and require you to stop work. Support & Downloads. Junior Member. 70% of the time I get the thread thru the eye of the needle in the first try. PQ1500S sewing machine pdf manual download.

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