It has a semi-weeping habit, white flowers, small inedible fruit and willow-like,... Quick View Out of stock. It was planted about 1910 in an orchard containing conference, william and comice pears. An attractive red-flushed early-season pear from the USA. Very hardy and vigorous tree. Pollination partner pear varieties in our catalogue Overall Feeling: This is a real juicy and flavorful pear. This year I had the tree DNA and found it is a Clapps Favourite a variety I had not heard of. Excellent early variety that is perfect for fresh eating and dessert. Clapp’s Favorite Pear Tree is one of the best for fresh eating, featuring large fruits with gorgeous red skin, a very fine texture, and severe juiciness. Red Clapp’s Favorite Pear Tree is a red bud sport of Clapp’s Favorite. Trees are strong, sturdy, very hardy and vigorous.. Pick fruit when still green for best flavor and texture. The original Clapp's Favorite was raised by Thaddeus Clapp of Dorchester, Massachusetts in the 1850s, possibly a cross between Bartlett and Flemish Beauty. Red Clapp's Favorite is a good example of a "sport", a natural genetic mutation. It is essentially a green pear … This pear is good for eating out of hand or in cooking applications. Early to mid-September ripening. Clapp's Favourite Pear; Clapp's Favourite Pear. Susceptible to fire blight. Pear Flavor: 7 Sweetness: 7 Juiciness: 9. The fruit finishes with an attractive red color, is medium to large, with fine white flesh and good quality. Clapps Favourite pear trees for sale Let me know when this item is back in stock Fill in the form below and we will notify you when Clapps Favourite pear trees is back in stock. Visit our site for more advice. Choose another variety Pollination of Clapp Favorite pear trees Your Clapp Favorite pear tree is in flowering group 4.It is not self-fertile and needs a pollination partner of a different variety nearby. Same qualities as Clapps’ Favorite but with a red skin. Red Clapp’s is a mutation of the original Clapp’s Favorite. Ussuriensis Rootstock, semi-dwarfing, grows up to 25 feet […] If you like Bartlet pears, you are going to love Clapp’s Favorite. Autumn 2020 ... Clapps Favourite pear trees for sale. It’s one pear I will be sure to pick up when they are in season. Native to the Middle East, Pyrus salicifolia is a species of deciduous pear widely grown as an ornamental tree. Red Clapp’s Favorite Pear Tree produces lovely yellow fruit with bright red cheek. It's white flesh is fine-grained, very sweet and highly flavored - great for dessert, fesh eating and canning. Clapp's Favorite Pear is very large, elongated, long-necked fruit that is green colored when immature, but ripens to a lemony yellow. Tree Wishes - magazine article giving inspiration to those thinking about growing fruit written by Stephen Shirley for Grow Your Own magazine. My family inherited this pear tree when we moved to a small holding near Wisbech in the UK. It has a nice texture to it, not too grainy. The tree is vigorous, productive, but should not be planted where fire blight is a serious problem. The following varieties will pollinate this pear tree.

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