Why can I buy cooking sherry without an ID? never buy "cooking" wine at the grocery. Unfortunately that’s a hard task if you’re living outside of Spain, and it really shouldn’t be so hard. Sherry vinegar is a vinegar that is made from Sherry wine, in much the same way as red As for brand, if you see several different bottles all labeled sherry, I don't think it matters too much which one you pick - at least if you're using it for cooking and not drinking. If you cook Please use a decent sherry. Where to buy sherry I’m constantly reading about sherry, and as I’m particularly interested in the better examples, I tend to chase specific sherries until I have a bottle at home. Only cook with it, don't drink it as you would normal Sherry. If you don’t want to buy a bottle of sherry for one recipe, or you don’t enjoy its taste, then you’re going to need an alternative. Not only is it salted, but it’s concocted with poor quality sherry. Holland House Sherry Cooking Wine, 16 fl oz: Cooking wine, sherry Select sherry prepared exclusively for cooking Holland house cooking wine is seasoned with 1 … The stereotypes — cheap, used only for cooking, only consumed by old people — are pervasive, much to sherry’s discredit. (Just make sure you don’t accidentally buy “cooking sherry” which may It’s time to change all that. Sherry is good for drinking, too – Unlike a super cheap bottle of white wine that you might buy to cook with, inexpensive dry sherry is also good for drinking. If you're using this as a substitute for rice wine, the commonly-accepted substitute is indeed dry sherry. P.S. 12-21-2014 8:33am log in or sign up to post a comment grocery stores around me don't sell wine 12-21-2014 8:33am +1 like It’s time to change all that. This article provides a list of suitable cooking sherry substitutes so that you can finish recipes without it. Cooking Sherry is Sherry that has had salt and often preservatives added to it. It’s not treated as an alcoholic beverage because it’s undrinkable! Cooking sherry cannot be used in drinks at all (it's only palatable in cooking--hence the name).

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