Something went wrong. You'd better tell Plasmo to give his Pink Sweets world record back. Your mileage may vary on the review based on how much time you're committed to reading. I am unbelievably hyped for this. No Interest if paid in full in 6 mo on $99+, Nintendo Wii NTSC-J (Japan) Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo 3DS NTSC-J (Japan) Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo DS NTSC-J (Japan) Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo 3DS Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo 64 Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo GameCube Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo Wii Video Games with Special Edition, NTSC-J (Japan) Video Games with Special Edition, Nintendo Wii U Video Games with Special Edition. @masterLEON it’s a genre overwhelmingly dominated by Japanese players. @HeroponRiki Yes ha, the UI is a little bit tricky to use at first, but it carries across all the ShotTriggers ports and has a lot of functionality once you get used to it. Interest will be charged to your account from the purchase date if the balance is not paid in full within 6 months. Please enter a number less than or equal to 1. This game is too expensive for a Cave SHMUP, it’s $50 for the digital version. Looking at the visual style of ESP Ra.De. I really hope M2 come around to doing a Western release to make the game more accessible. This is a powerful feature when it comes to planning your routing because you can slow down and speed up the gameplay at your leisure for careful analysis. @Technosphile Times are changing my dude, Plasmo, a Western Player, just got a world record in Pink Sweets last week Also ESP Ra.De. Or whatever short form game, you went back in because you wanted to beat the game faster, or do it "better", like not get hit as often, or without losing a life, pea-shooter run or so on. I've really tried to learn a lot more about SHMUPs after playing this and the whole sub-culture is fascinating - as well as being just a brilliantly polished game and from what I understand like the reviewer, a labour of love port job with loads of extras. All those work hours and effort cost real money, people have to be paid. Arcade Plus mode, with the addition of Alice, is in the ballpark, but since Arcade Plus is more akin to a revision rather than an arrange, there is a sense of letdown in that regard. shipping: + $20.00 shipping . “Shoot ‘em up” makes no sense for this genre, sounds more like gunplay than ships flying around shooting stuff. I know a lot of people complain about the price and say it should cost something like ten dollars as it's old game and all. @Technosphile Oh, I didn't know there was a facetious Japanese requirement that needs to be met in order to be good at shmups. It's a refreshing reversal of design. While personal preference obviously enters into things, we feel that ESP Ra.De. It's easy to get lost or not understand why it is held in high regard. I kinda wanted to get this but it was so ridiculously expensive an import that I really find it hard to justify putting so much money on. Moving away from the strict chaining and maximum bonus system of Dodonpachi, ESP Ra.De. STREET HOOP NEO GEO MVS PARTIAL KIT 100% ORIGINAL SNK! Not only are players given the mighty save-state feature to efficiently and quickly hone in their practice of difficult or important sections, but they are typically playing these games with lower input lag as well. Psi goes beyond the industry standard and lays waste to pretty much every other shmup on the Nintendo Switch – this is even better than the mighty Ikaruga, which many Switch … Earn up to 5x points when you use your eBay Mastercard®. @Stargazer Yes the Arcade Plus mode is an alternate mode, due to the addition of Alice and the toning down of the boss milk. I understand if you are not interested in the changes to the scoring mechanics in the new Arcade Plus mode, but there are a number of shmup players (myself included) who welcome the changes. Psi JAPAN OFFICIAL IMPORT. Ridiculous name, though. @MarkMSX I think while i appreciate what Esp Ra.De. I gave it a try and was impressed with some of the elements, but ultimately didn't like the sub genre nearly as much as more retro stuff like the Toaplan games. However, one thing to keep in mind is that, if you plan on using the Hori D-pad Joy-Con — which is absolutely superior to the stock Joy-Con D-pad, even with a case mod — you are going to be out of luck because, unfortunately, Hori did not add wireless functionality to it. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Real talk here: if you are not Japanese, none of that matters. I'm loving this game, having never played it before. Hopefully some day a zen bullet hell will be available for the older gamer without the reflexes of a young'en. Is there even multiplayer? Perhaps, in the future, M2 might be interested in adding DLC for the game in the form of an arrange mode and extra OST – but until then, there is that slight disappointment in comparison to Ketsui DeathTiny. @Kalmaro Ha it's a pretty niche concept, but check out this run and see how long he delays killing the boss by only attacking with special shot. Bullet hell is definitely not for everyone. Oh, and “sai” a la “psi” tacked on the end. You go and believe that, sir. I don't really care who the reviewer is, calling something the "best anything on the Switch" is a bold statement and it does not make sense to call something the best of a genre but then only give it a 9/10. M2 probably spends tons of work hours to these release, they actually go and touch the original code and not just run it in a emulator and maybe add some features thru that. When written out in detail, the scoring system of ESP Ra.De. Please don't spend $50+ on this type of game if you're just going to "one and done" the game, it'll never be worth it.

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