There is no other area of the skin that has this feature and no other area on the skin can provide accurate temperatures. When the child is sweating, the very last area to sweat is the neck and the area behind the earlobe will outweigh the impact of evaporative cooling. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store. The temporal artery is one of the most preferred sites in taking accurate temperature readings because blood constantly flows in this blood vessel. With temporal thermometers, you will be able to record thousands of temperature readings before purchasing or replacing the batteries. You simply need to change the batteries for it to work well. No matter how common fever is, I am still constantly worried each time my child is sick. Describe a product, share announcements, or welcome customers to your store. Infrared head thermometer. Our temporal artery (the major blood vessel in the head that causes a migraine when it enlarges) has a direct connection to the heart through the carotid artery (the blood vessel responsible for supplying the neck, face, and brain with oxygenated blood). This type of thermometer does not require sterilization like other regular thermometers. A child younger than 5 may bite the thermometer, breaking it in their mouth. Use a Q-tip with alcohol to clean the lens situated at the center of the probe. Compared to rectal and oral thermometers, the temporal thermometer does not touch the mucous membranes. ABOUT HEAD-THERMOMETER. © 2020, head thermometerPowered by Shopify. Here are 9 Reasons Behind the Tears, How to Get a Baby to Drink Water in Very Simple and Effective Steps. A temperature reading is the most reliable approach to determine the presence of fever. It serves as a clear indicator that the body works to fight off infection. Hence, the importance of taking our child’s temperature cannot be ignored. Reach the perfume spot or the depression behind the ear. These thermometers use an infrared scanner to measure the temperature of the temporal artery in the forehead. They have been phased out because of the high risk of chemical exposure. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. One of the basic indicators of a child’s health is his body temperature. Nonetheless, in the process of making sure my child overcomes his sickness, I realized the importance of monitoring his body temperature. This type of thermometer can be used even while a child is asleep. Hence, it is easy to see the temperature reading even when you are in a dark room. Affirmative! © 2019 The temperature you read on the thermal artery thermometer is the most accurate of all temperature readings because the blood that is supplied to this blood vessel comes directly from the heart. The location of the temporal artery varies for each individual that is why lateral scanning is needed to ensure the correct location and achieve an accurate temperature measurement. Because a temporal thermometer is non-invasive and non-contact, it will therefore not trigger more distress to a sick child. Studies and claims by health experts suggest the limitation in the use of temporal thermometers. Temporal thermometers are criticized for being difficult to use, but once you get the hang of swiping and reading technique, temporal thermometers are so safe that they can even be used on a sleeping baby. Multiple features for easy and pleasant usability In addition to your child's temperature, the Braun No touch + forehead thermometer also allows you to easily measure the temperature of your child's food, drinks, or bath water. The temporal scanner or the temporal artery thermometer offers an advanced way of measuring temperature. With its convenient usage, this type of thermometer will be simple and easy to use. This type of thermometer cannot be used on newborns. Temporal thermometers are pretty easy. We are aiming to hit the superficial temporal artery, which is located in the forehead, approximately 2 mm underneath the skin, trapped between the skull and the forehead’s skin. All rights reserved. On the other hand, emerging research claims temporal thermometers can also offer accurate results when used on newborns.,,, How to Plan a Birthday Party for Your Child, Does Your Baby Wake Up Crying at Night? Optional temperature units of Celsius and Fathrenheit can be shut down to save power and energy. Plastic strip thermometers only measure the skin temperature. What types of thermometers aren’t recommended? Do you know that the temporal artery is considered a “special” blood vessel? Studies suggest that temporal temperature reading is more precise compared to axillary or tympanic temperature recording. Avoid curving the thermometer as you will lose track of the temporal artery. If the forehead is soaking wet, the impact of evaporative cooling will lead to a low reading. There is no need to purchase probe covers. We are not targeting the deep temporal artery. Carefully read the instructions that come with the thermometer. What thermometer do you use to record the body temperature of your child and why? If the area behind the earlobe is covered, scan the other areas of the neck that are accessible. This thermometer can be reused immediately, thus making it handy especially when two of your kids are sick, or if you wish to check the temperature reading fast.

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