coating type : Ion assisted multi layer dielectric In addition to the high reflectivity across the ultra-broadband wavelength range, the Broadbeam mirrors also feature a more durable coating compared to the traditional metallic mirrors. As an established leader in thin film coatings, we produce consistently high quality mirrors that can be space-qualified. THICKNESS : 9.525MM coating technology : Electric beam deposition Laser lines : 354.7 nm, 532 nm, 632.8 nm, 1064 nm, 532 + 1064 nm For more information, please see our Optical Materials technical note. Compare this product Remove from comparison tool. By careful choice of the type and thickness of the dielectric layers, one can design an optical coating with specified reflectivity at different wavelengths of light. 535+/-35nm N-BK7 high reflectivity mirrors, size 5X5mm, thickness is 3mm, AOI=0 degrees, R>99.5%, PHRM-053510211 ($35.0): 780+/-50nm fused silica high reflectivity mirrors, size 5X5mm, thickness is 2mm, AOI=0 and 45 degrees, R>99%, PHRM-078020131 ($28.0): 852+/-20nm BK7 high reflectivity mirrors, size 5X5mm, thickness is 2mm, AOI= 45, R>99.5%, PHRM-085210121 ($28.0): Copyright © 2016 Precision Micro-Optics Inc. All Rights Reserved. Coating S1 : HR@1064, >85% T @ 400-700NM, 45⁰ RAN : 37mm Laser mirror coatings are useful as cavity mirrors as well as beam steering optics. WAVELENGTH : 1064NM DAMAGE THRESHHOLD : 15 J/CM2 Additional CAD file downloads are not available for this product. Broadband : 500-600 nm, 500-650 nm etc. Laser Mirrors are the high reflection coatings designed for the use of laser reflection. Broadbeam mirrors feature unprecedented specifications at an incredible value. But only the BroadBeam Ultra-Broadband Mirrors offer 97.5% average reflectivity from UV to NIR, making it the most versatile mirror available. As a result, these mirrors will perform better with temperature fluctuations and is ideal for high-energy laser applications due to its high energy damage threshold. MATERIAL : FUSED SILICA DIAMETER : 19.05 MM 5) Protective Windows You may refer to this page ( for material properties. Newport's BroadBeam™ Ultra-Broadband Mirrors provide high reflectivity over the broadest wavelength range in the industry for a standard mirror. Dia. Coating S1 : HR@1064, >85% T @ 400-700NM, 45⁰ RAN Coating : Both side : AR / AR @ 1064nm, 0⁰. Dia. Designed to customer requirements The hard, durable dielectric multilayer coating ensures the high reflection, durability and damage threshold. Laser mirror coatings are useful as cavity mirrors as well as beam steering optics. See the other products

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