Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? The court, however, unanimously ruled in favor of the defendant, that the Tariff Act used the ordinary meaning of the words “fruit” and “vegetable” -where a tomato is classified as a vegetable -not the technical botanical meaning. Wait. 3 . The tomato is beloved coast to coast. The tomato perfectly fits the scientific definition of a fruit. Summary – Tomatoes are both fruits and vegetables! In 1886, the plaintiffs (Nix) imported some tomatoes from the West Indies. Well, back in 1883, a tariff was put in place to protect domestic vegetable growers by taxing imported vegetables. The reason being, tomatoes are usually treated like vegetables in cooking. Botanically, the tomato is a fruit . While tomatoes can be incorporated into desserts (think tomato … Again, the tomato was relegated to the vegetable column, appearing under vegetables/edible plants/roots and tubers. Is tomato a fruit or a vegetable is a non-issue. No way around it – the tomato is a sac and those are seeds bursting out of the crack its skin. A vegetable is a different edible part of a plant – usually modified roots, stems or tubers such as potatoes, carrots or onions. The bottom line is that tomatoes are both fruits and vegetables—fruits by science and vegetables by cooking tradition. So which one is it? One adult portion of a tomato is a medium sized tomato or 7 cherry tomatoes, remember to eat a wide variety of fruit and vegetables so you can reach your daily 5-a-day. Botanically a tomato is a fruit. Tennessee crowned it the official state fruit. In New Jersey, it’s the official state vegetable. No, you wouldn’t because a tomato is a vegetable. Scientists agree: a botanical ovary – a sac that contains egg cells (seeds) – is classified as a fruit. Figure 3. The fruit purists The scientists in the debate will argue that the tomato is a fruit of a pollinated flower, that is fleshy and holds seeds from which the original plant can be propagated. The tomato got a lot of great visibility.” The discussion of whether a tomato was a fruit or vegetable resurfaced in 1937 as the League of Nations classified produce to apply tariffs. COOK AT HOME: 3 Summer tomato recipes. And Arkansas, making things clear as mud, calls the local pink tomato the official state vegetable and fruit.. Legally, the tomato is a vegetable Portion size of tomatoes. A tomato is none of these things and is clearly a fruit. Tomatoes are often paired with savory foods like meats, vegetables, and cheeses, and are used in pasta dishes, soups, stews, sauces, and more.

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