Maybe I'm hard on machines? Has everything been perfect? Change thread cutter knife. Noooooooooo! Yes. My new machine arrived yesterday, which is less than a week since I contacted them about my problems! My goal today is to piece the first two rows of my Ziggy Strings quilt. I was so sorry to be treating her badly! paid for shipping on the new machine and return of the old machine. However, after checking carefully with the hand wheel, I confirmed that the needle would not strike the walking foot. on the Thread Cutter unthreading the needle, "The issue of it unthreading with your large spools when they are almost empty is the thread is not pulling smoothly off the spool any longer. Could the thread be the problem? Check that you properly inserted the needle - Insert needle as far as it will go, with the flat side to the right and make sure it is screwed on tightly. Adjusting the tension on the machine will have no effect since the thread is actually momentarily hanging up and stopping for a split instance as it tries to pull off the cone.". A defective walking foot, right? I certainly do sew A Lot. See how the foot is not centered over the needle hole? I would have been hesitant to man-handle a foot that way. All went beautifully for about 45 minutes of awesome, speedy quilting and then I noticed a different, clanging sound. One helpful reader said to always make sure my needle is in the fully raised position and my presser foot down when using the threader. I practiced under those circumstances and was able to thread using the threader by my second try and then, another day or so later, by my first try. May just be an issue with the thread cutter. If you have any questions for me, go for it! Okay folks, I'm ready to dish. Most relationships aren't. I am most definitely pleased with the service I've received from SewVacDirect. Just grasp the front edge of the foot and twist it slightly to the side and the presser foot bar should move into position as it should be. I just checked the walking foot and it aligns perfectly with the needle hole. We will also send UPS to pick up the machine you have now.". "I am going to send you a new machine, that would be our normal response to nearly any customer of ours, due to you having the machine less than 30 days. I'm going to share all the hairy details here, hopefully for your benefit. Gasp! "The needle threader issue is not one I have ever seen on a Juki TL series machine even as far back as the TL98 machines. Not a good answer. I checked the hand wheel and confirmed that it was not turning easily - somewhere metal was grinding. And then I went to thread the needle and my needle threader wouldn't engage. Adjusting the tension on the machine will have no effect since the thread is actually momentarily hanging up and stopping for a split instance as it tries to pull off the cone ." Oh, and the automatic thread cutter started unthreading the needle. Success! Follow the instructions below if your thread cutter is not working. Close examination of the walking foot showed that the bar that goes around the needle screw was grinding on the needle screw itself instead of riding where it belongs. My lovely new sewing machine seemed temperamental in this department. on the Walking Foot, "The walking foot not aligning quite straight is an easy fix. With that correction it looks like the walking foot bar is well clear of the needle screw. But I tried it, and it totally worked! So, I decided to forge ahead. So sad. Am I still in love? I couldn't wait to tell you. I shared before that the needle threader was an initial disappointment. Lots of sewing, straight line quilting and free motion quilting too. No. My poor machine. Thread cutter is not cutting. Instead it just dropped straight down past the needle. Hurrah. I have heard of others having this problem. On goes the included walking foot... only, does this look right? on the Thread Cutter unthreading the needle " The issue of it unthreading with your large spools when they are almost empty is the thread is not pulling smoothly off the spool any longer. An S.O.S. The clanging metal sound got louder. How to fix an automatic thread cutter problem on a modern sewing machine. It's not a rare occurrence on any brand of machine for a walking foot to show a slight misalignment in the presser foot bar.". 1. I noticed that my almost-empty, large Guttermann spool seemed to pop up and down sometimes when the cutter was engaged. Scrap Attack Quilt Along, inspiration, scraps, strings. You can see the nasty evidence here. Bad Rachel. I set out to quilt the Starbright quilt with organic straight lines. I have a friend who just doesn’t use the thread cutter on her machine for that reason. Here goes! We went a full week with effortless threading on the first try every time. But what has happened is the internal stop has moved upwards on the needle threader bar for some reason.". So we're off an stitching! It had been working perfectly for weeks and was now unthreading the needle about half the time. Melonie, I don’t have this Juki 2010Q. So, yes, it's broken! Right now I'm using Aurifil, which has the open spool top, with no problems. So sorry. email to customer service came back with some very useful advice and happy news. Noooooooooo! Folks, this is what I expected. I love that feature. I've had my lovely Juki TL2010Q for a good three weeks now. I switched to a new Guttermann spool and the unthreading completely stopped.

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