restaurants, hotels, and food service providers make use of marketing strategies and techniques to promote their products and services to … We have covered these in greater detail in this article. Kevin White. Internationalization views from the perspective of the Mexican economy could be a benefit; sustaining and increasing the amount of exterior market, improving the internal and external competitive level and in the end, guaranteeing the possibility of economy, market and employment (Garcia, J.M. Hotel industry marketing strategy will now have to take into account customer insights into their marketing campaigns. The hospitality industry is all about service and it’s by the direct interaction that customers can be retained. host of industry-based case studies and examples throughout. The success of a hospitality establishment depends entirely on the perception that the customers have; if they find faults, customers are not afraid to share with other customers online about the various issues that they have encountered. As such, when conducting any hotel industry market research, hotels must gauge who their customers are, and what they need in terms of service and entertainment so that as a business, you can improve on these things. Aren’t we? Online content is an affordable alternative to get into modern methods of digital marketing. Customer insights can be implemented easily as long as hotels ask the right questions. As such, social media must become a vital marketing strategy. So, please keep checking back or use the search box to carry on exploring more about the Hospitality and travel industry. The events, telesales and leaflets can be offbeat for other industries but they continue wielding magic in our very own hospitality world. Take Marc, for example. In order to survive the tough industry in these harsh contemporary times, it is essential for players in the sector to arm themselves with modern marketing strategies that can allow them to stay afloat as well as attract new customers. Get the best out the digital marketing channel. Hotels have a list and e-mail id of all the customers but they don’t use it. There is a lot more information about the Hospitality industry at this all hospitality portal. This at times is even close to over promotion. This seems to be one of the crucial hotel industry marketing strategies in the current era. Few of our earlier posts have already discussed a few of the advancement in technology for the hospitality industry. Hospitality marketing is about applying marketing strategies and techniques in hospitality industry. Given the rapid and non-stop pace of new developments, technology has now become commonplace and important in the travel industry. The image is a good recap of what you should be considering. The marketing in this industry has gained big protagonist in today's context. Probably, the return on investment is not as high with digital channels taking lead as far as return on investment is concerned. Nothing would beat a personal interaction in the hospitality industry. Technology today is coming up like a quick fix solution to everything. Spending time and money on having a super interactive mobile site or app is well worth. Top Hotel chains across the world still shell out a huge part of their marketing budget for advertising in Newspapers. Use Social Media. The image below gives a snapshot of the Customer lifecycle of an example customer in the hotel industry. Before we even begin to discuss top marketing strategies for the hotels and resorts, it’s crucial to understand that the below are necessities now. The hospitality and tourism industry is a very fragile industry in terms of attracting and retaining its customers. Focusing on customer service in the hospitality industry is the key to sustained growth. Everyone is online and mobile in this era and thus it is important to stay ahead of the competition by a fair margin. Some key and essential marketing trends and strategies have entered the hospitality industry and they have become impossible to ignore. It takes a look at how organisations in the hospitality industry e.g. We all are in the hunt to gain a competitive edge. customer service in the hospitality industry, Top Tips To Create a Successful Hotel Marketing Plan, Mantras of Success from Ratan Tata – A Legendary Businessman and Hotelier, Job Vs Self Employment | Decoding the Dilemma, 18 Best Hotel and Travel Startups in 2020, Importance of Entrepreneurship for Business Growth post COVID-19, 6 Smart Ways to use SMS for your Hotel Business. In short, it should be a visual treat for potential customers. They have also suggested using social networks to engage the guests before, during and after their trips. Also, it is important not to have an impeccable Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for your hotel website to ensure organic growth online. While advertising still has a long-term return on investment, but the affordability issue and ease of promoting through digital channels make Newspapers and TV advertising less attractive. There are a lot of marketing tools in the hospitality industry that can help in this whole process. Marketing strategies such as TV and Newspaper advertising are still instrumental, but they are also quite expensive. Among the new features and topics included in this edition are: Extended coverage to hospitality and events to reflect the increasing need and importance of a combined sector approach to strategy. Image Credit: The big players like TripAdvisor, Google, Twitter and Facebook at the beginning of 2014 advised the hotel marketers to shift most of their promotional budget to mobile marketing. The theme that is object of study focuses its analysis in the academic and industrial currents. However, competitors like Airbnb and others are forcing the hotel industry to come out with innovative and cost-effective marketing techniques. Aside from the obvious need for an online presence, hotels have to make their websites engaging as a way of marketing to a wide pool of clientele. Some of the crucial marketing strategies for the hotel industry in 2020 revolve around technology. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. Hopefully, we will be of some help in helping your hospitality business shine a bit more. Each strategy is unique and highly effective when implemented correctly. Check out the recent study by Statista about Direct Marketing channels. Selection and peer-review under responsibility of the 2nd International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. Marketing Strategies for Hotel Industry Internationalization in Morelia, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, You probably found us on the first page of Google. Embracing technology is the key to stay competitive today. 1. Just having a website is not enough. 1996), this is why it is important to analyze how marketing can trigger that internationalization. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Social media is a crucial marketing platform for every business. Proper SEO and e-mail marketing should be a key component of the Digital Marketing budget for hotels. 8 obvious yet still underutilised hotel industry marketing strategies in 2020 and beyond. Direct marketing that includes leaflets and promotions are also still beneficial and will continue to play an essential role in the Hotel industry marketing strategy.

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