I thought the task would be easy. Presenters were Peter McLaren (Achieve), Betsy O’Day, Elementary Specialist, Missouri, and Patrick Goff, Science Teacher, Lexington, Kentucky. Implementing the NGSS: Three Dimensional Assessment in the Classroom Presenter: Peter McLaren, Director - Next Gen Education, LLC Classroom assessment of student understanding in science is the most powerful means of gaining information of teaching and learning. NGSS & EE: How Environmental Education Can Help Schools Meet the Next Generation Science Standards . As a result of this innovation, the NGSS look completely different than previous science standards and implementing them requires a major shift in classroom instruction and learning (Next Generation Science Standards: Executive summary, 2013). NGSS evidence statements explaining their purpose and structure. Peter McLaren is currently a consultant, working with states and districts in the implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards. Peter McLaren. Agenda • Brief overview on how the standards were developed. Peter McLaren and Jennifer Solek Rhode Island Department of Education fRhode Island Interim Assessment Workshop September 18, 2013. • What does a standard look like? The NGSS integrate the three dimensions . “We are going to go with a four-year timeline. . • What makes these standards so different? The presenters also discussed how the evidence statements can be used to unpack the NGSS and how they can assist educators with their instructional planning. the effort was the leadership of Peter McLaren, a Science and Technology Specialist at the Rhode Island Department of Education and member of the NGSS writing team. • Activity - Looking at NGSS aligned interim items • Resources. Discussion to follow. Standards (NGSS) team, among them Cary Sneider and Peter McLaren. Tuesday, February 11, 2014 Roger Williams Park Zoo Education Center (You will be entering the Zoo through a security gate, NOT the … Their responsibility was to ensure that HMH Science Dimensions Grade 6–8 met the expectations of NGSS, based on their expertise as drafters of the standards. Peter McLaren, a spokesperson for the Department of Education, was pleased that his state was the first to accept NGSS. In particular, they needed examples from middle school life sciences for a workshop at a Building Capacity for State Science Education (BCSSE) meeting. . He said it will take some time to integrate the new standards. I was wrong. Presentation by Peter McLaren, Science and Technology Specialist, RI Department of Education and NGSS Writing Team Member. They have asked to participate in this Publisher’s Response, as indicated with attributed quotations. They asked me to translate some of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) into classroom instruction.

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