While some recording artists might prefer a more natural, vintage sound as starters, others prefer a boost of confidence from the beginning. ATLAS SOUND MS20E Heavy Duty Microphone Stand, Blue Yeti vs. AT2020 vs. Samson C01 [Definitive Guide], Philips SHP9500 vs. AKG K702 vs. HIFIMAN DEVA. I’ve also seen it endorsed a lot for rap vocals as well. I also apologize about the comparison table. Some options I came across: ELAM 251, M49, U47, U87, Electrovoice RE20, Sennheiser 441 or 421, AKG C414, Beyer M88, AT 4041, CAD M179, AT4050, AT3035, Heil PR40, SM7B. The NT1 is a later version and goes back to the basics. I very much look forward to speaking with you.. Stu is determined to help you make sound decisions, and strives to deliver the best and most in depth content on the internet! Extremely versatile. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need any advice. If I had to choose one thing to say about this mic, it’s that it does really well for instruments, but not as good for vocals due to it being extremely bright. Let’s take a glance at what each has to offer before we put these two bad boys in one ring against each other. Being a Sound Engineer is a passion. Let me know what you’re thinking about this and what your budget is. And as for the room it’s not treated much. I hope you came away with some great information, and have a better idea about the Rode NT1A vs. NT2A! Not so natural sounding; recordings can be too bright. Ya sea grabar voces, instrumentos (guitarra, batería, de aire) entre muchas funciones mas! If you want a mic that is extremely versatile, with a ton of added features, go with the NT2A. It also has a large 1″ capsule with a gold plated diaphragm giving the mic a bit of character. It is important to note that the NT1 was released 14 years after the NT1A. Ya que muchos de sus productos no son muy baratos. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Check out this great post, What You Need to Know About Microphone Polar Patterns. En los últimos tiempos recibió actualizaciones, que lo mejoraron aun más! In his spare time, he likes to fish, paint, play guitar, pray, rap, make beats, take photos, record videos, graphic design, and more. Additionally, microphoneauthority.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. It has 3 different polar patterns for added flexibility, and a lot of people said it was the most versatile mic they’ve ever used. La suspensión lograra aislar la capsula, para evitar vibraciones que pueden afectar al sonido! It has been hailed as quite a workhorse piece, is rock solid and durable to boot, and comes with that almost revolutionary 10 year warranty (purchased through Rode’s website). The designers must have had the current needs of the market at the time of manufacture of both mics. One reviewer said he was missing the ring for mounting on a standard shock-mount, separate from the one provided. Para continuar con esta magnifica comparativa entre los microfonos mas valorados de Rode, tenemos el agrado de presentarte al fantástico NT1-A. Rode NT2A Anniversary Vocal Multi-Pattern Dual Condenser Microphone Package. You might want to go for the NT1 if you like making your tweaks, and defining your own sound as a flatter sound is easier to work with. Verdaderamente un éxito para la marca de Sidney. Be aware that. Rode NT1 – Kit de micrófono para estudio precio-calidad, Rode NT1-A – Micrófono ideal para estudios de grabación. It wasn’t showing when you made the comment but it’s now back up! My recommendation of the SM7B still stands, with the Electrovoice RE20 and Heil PR40 coming in second and third respectively. Última actualización en 2020-11-26 / Enlaces de afiliados / Imágenes de la API de publicidad de productos de Amazon. For many artists who are just starting out, either of these can be a great entry-level microphone with great features that competitively compare to the high-end mics, especially the NT1. Versatile. All that said, I’ve seen it endorsed for: Find out more about your audio interface! Both mics are built to comfortably cater to recording artistes, instrumentals recording, and even podcasts. The NT1A, on the other hand, is winning if you have no time for sound effects later. Rode has a great warranty, and the studio package containing a pop-filter, shock-mount, XLR cable, and carrying case is a nice added bonus. Un equipo de calidad muy profesional, donde Rode lo construyo totalmente de metal.. Si bien hay microfonos que pueden realizar grabaciones cardioide de mejor manera, una de las mayores ventajas que tiene este mic es que es adaptable a la mayoría de situaciones! Make sure your mic stand can hold it properly. As expected with a newer model, the NT1 … If you ever need anything music production related, please contact me! Generally, however, NT1 is more appropriate if you are going for a natural sound while the NT1A is excellent if you want brighter tones. Let me know.. Two options off the top of my head are the AKG C214 and Shure SM7B. For heavier mics this is a great option. His sense of humour, coupled with a knack for excellence and strict attention to detail are what allow him to stand out in an crowded industry. The NT1A has a slightly higher max SPL as compared to NT1 with a 137dBA vs. 132DbA. El Rode NT1-A cuenta con opiniones muy favorables, por lo tanto, logra una valoración de las mejores en el mercado. You may have to turn up the volume on your pre-amp to get optimal sound. Si tu deseo es utilizarlo para grabaciones de voz, te digo desde ya que tendrás un sonido con mucho brillo.. Microfono muy completo para que puedas lograr todos los tonos, y que se graben de una forma perfecta! Hmm. It has a unique signature vintage sound and has very low self-noise, arguably one of the quietest microphones. Another reviewer said the mic could benefit from a heavier texture, and more sound body. The included XLR cable is poor, and may give you connection problems. A durable mic with a rock solid 10 year warranty (purchased through Rode’s website). Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Omnidireccional, cardioide o bidireccional, Cápsula 1.00 "; Patrón polar Cardioide; Tipo de dirección lateral; Rango de frecuencia 20Hz - 20kHz, Micrófono de diafragma grande de 1" con diafragma chapado en oro; Patrón polar cardioide, Kit de micrófono de patrón variable; Incluye suspensión, filtro antipop y cable XLR Premium. What’s the best for double bass in classical music ? Expect to have this for a long time. The inspiration and the market needs that both fulfill are, however, different. Would you like more presence or shimmer to make it sound more alive? Rode NT1-A - Micrófono de Diafragma Grande para Estudios de Grabación, color Plateado, Comprando este producto hoy, ahorras 5.1€ (3%), Finalmente, para ir terminando esta comparativa entre Rode NT1-A y NT1.. Debemos presentarte al fantástico Nt2-A. What are studio monitors? As both Rode NT1A and Rode NT1 are products of Rodes Microphone manufacturers, they both exhibit significant similarities. three position variable pad: 0dB, -5dB or -10dB make this a mic for the ages. Un micrófono que es la elección de muchos profesionales, sin lugar a dudas.

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