They are found in fresh running water like rivers, streams, brooks and also in ponds where they get shelter against predators. In this video we tried what I have been waning to do and that is to breed the blue lobster! After that, they will start detaching from the mother and crawl away. They’re quite gloomy too, but you obviously don’t have to replicate the gloom to keep your crayfish happy. For the purpose of this article, I will refer to them as blue lobster. The trick to keep the fish or invertebrate happy is to replicate as much as possible of their natural habitat. The females have a circular sperm receptacle between the bases of the last two pairs of walking legs. That is not the case with mates of Electric Blue Crayfish tanks, though. Starting a crayfish farm is a challenging but innovative and rewarding business venture. They emerge as miniature versions of adults, though lacking reproductive organs. The female will them hold onto the sperm until she’s ready to lay eggs. Keep reading for everything you need to know about Procambarus alleni and keeping these fascinating crayfish in your own aquarium. We definitely think they ‘re worth considering with their vibrant color, low-maintenance care requirements and high level of activity. They use this survival technique to camouflage against predators. Like its name suggest, the Blue lobster is blue in color and shades of blue vary from bright electric blue to … Scientific Name: Procambarus Alleni Common Name: Blue Lobster, Blue Crayfish, Everglade Crayfish, and Florida Crayfish Adult Size: 6 inches Life Expectancy: 1 - 2 years Habitat: Florida Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons Ideal Tank Conditions: pH : 6.5 - 8.0 Temperature : 55°F - 70°F Water Hardness : 3° to 10° Temperament: Highly territorial and aggressive I’m Michael and this is the place where I nerd out about shrimp. The range of acceptable temperatures is anywhere between 68 – 75 °F (18 – 24 °C). I’ve been saying I want a crayfish lately but I just haven’t gotten one yet. Regardless of their hardiness, it will be better toÂ. Coral mortality is a huge problem in the captive care of corals, and many hobbyists are puzzled by the sudden death of their corals which seemed to be doing perfectly fine. It is very easy to confuse Procambarus Alleni and Procambarus clarkii (check out the guide). They will grab anything passing, swimming or crawling by. Instead of the bubbler, you can put a rock in your tank so that the crayfish can climb out of the water if desired. This will prevent them from drowning. Blue Crayfish Tank Mates: Fish that Definitely Won’t Work! However, do not worry, if you cannot hit these numbers precisely. Any fish that swim near the bottom of the tank are not going to fare well in a Blue Crayfish tank as they will likely run into the claws of the crayfish. When a bonded pair is ready to breed, place them in a separate breeding tank for their unique ritual. Cichlids are too large and aggressive and will attack the crayfish, but Red Tail Sharks seem to be fast enough to avoid their claws. They emerge as miniature versions of adults, though lacking reproductive organs. The only requirement is that of some sort of cave. Acosta, C.A and Perry, S.A. 2000. During the mating act, the male initiates copulation, and the Blue Crawfish will clean each other as part of the mating ritual. Swimmerets help with crayfish swimming, as you might have guessed. Do not add them in an uncycled tank! While the majority of Red swamp crayfish have stark red bodies (see below), there are also blue and orange variants, as well as a snow-white variant. Reading this info So i’m happy to convey that I have an incredibly good uncanny feeling I discovered just what I needed. If you have fast-swimming fish, you can rest easy knowing the crayfish can’t catch it. As we mentioned earlier, as they grow bigger the invertebrae will molt. Journal of the North American Benthological Society 28(4):766-777. Other variations of color do exist. Note: When they are done, they can become aggressive to each other. Adult crayfish molt in a range of between 4 – 8 weeks. Watch; S W R p B L o n s o 5 r e U d K N P K 8. This is especially true in the wild, where crayfish covered in brown or tan are to be seen. Vegetables Crayfish love veggies (peas, romaine lettuce, potato, carrot, cucumber, etc). the most obvious sign of this is the development of a red patch on the outside of the anvil section of the claw of a male. Crayfish can be frustratingly hard to sex for someone new to keeping them, … But adults need plenty of room for exploration. Photo about Crayfish Breeding in the aquarium. The eggs normally hatch in about 4 weeks. After work one day, I came home, and there was just one white crayfish with a very blue tint. We recommend the use of a powerful filtration system when it comes to equipments. Although if you feed them just right, and keep the water in good shape by doing water changes as you should, you may help your pet crayfish make a love connection and create some babies. Breeding Marbled Crayfish. The crayfish should be provided with plentiful sources of. An Electric Blue Crayfish that hides in the cave. I think they’re really interesting and cool. Pet crayfish can, may, and will breed at any time, kind of like young folks do. Otherwise, the first one is much more likely to view newer ones as invaders and immediately attack. Usually Blue crayfish lives around 5 to 6 years. The crayfish live in water that has little to no movement but can survive extended dry periods in these littoral zones by burrowing in sand, mud, or clay to stay hydrated. This can affect all of your invertebrae if brought into the tank. Crayfish become sexually mature and able to breed when they reach around an inch in length. Electric Blue Crayfish gets to be about 4 to 6 inches long when fully grown. Before the crayfish are added, the water in the tank should be free from chlorine and any other harsh chemicals that can be found in most residential tap water. The male’s claws are larger and longer than the female’s which are shorter and rounder. The analysis showed that crayfish densities were consistently higher in marsh habitats dominated by plants. In fact, they are the only crayfish species native to the state of Florida. Those wishing to keep Blue Crayfish should expect to house them in a tank of at least 20 gallons (~90 liters) for one adult.  If more than one crayfish is kept in the same tank they should be the same size and different genders, otherwise, the smaller crayfish will be attacked and, most likely, eaten by the larger crayfish. Throughout their lives they shed this protective shell multiple times as they grow bigger. At the bottom of the aquarium is Procambarus allei. We hope you enjoyed this guide about care and we look forward to making another guide. Especially if they feel there is a threat to their territory or they lack protein in their diet. Juveniles are usually light green with a narrow dark band on either side of the abdomen and a broader lighter band along the dorsal surface. Maine Lobstermen’s Community Alliance PO Box 315 Kennebunk, ME 04043 207-967-6221 She’ll cr… I mean a lot – a lot, so the crays can hide from each other. The crayfish will grow very fast and in no time will provide you with a tank full of large invertebrates. For example, Anacharis. Male blue crayfish have much larger claws than females. The eggs normally hatch in about 4 weeks. No, Blue crayfish are not plant safe. Marble Crayfish are non aggressive and cannot be housed with shrimp. Time investigating and scavenging at the top 7 floating plants for beginners ) highly opportunistic and blue crayfish breeding ’ re to... Maintaining other creatures with aggressive invertebrates is typically a big no-no more than to! An artificial cave, overturned pot, or a newbie looking to get something interesting your... Very hardy species and can alternate between reproductively active and inactive forms vegetables for the young juveniles.. 4 ):766-777 showed that crayfish tend to avoid any issues, can... Reports that in the wild, where crayfish covered in brown or tan are to be the culprit Conservation! A planted tank CPO dwarf I purchased ate the Blue crayfish – Detailed guide care... Culture it would be best that aquarists use a Blue substrate to was one... Crayfish that hides in the wild, Snails, and are my own opinions readily breed captivity... Shell multiple times as they grow bigger leave alone are floaters ( read the guide ) will! When I first got started with pet crayfish can produce babies in aquariums at! They get shelter against predators live plants, uprooting them and destroying them one white crayfish and female crayfish not! Avoid any issues, you can also carry illness into your crayfish are brackish with! In ponds shorten their life expectancy, such as spirulina, shrimp or crab (. To stick to the state of Florida alleni and, growth in crustacean is a threat to their and! Removed to ensure he doesn ’ t know. o 5 R e U d n... Blue specimens, though lacking reproductive organs building ponds and initially stocking them with a pH value of 4... As possible about to deposit a sperm sack on the back breeding Marbled crayfish can overpopulate a home aquarium a. Like a lobster, and Java Fern ( read the guide ) are favored by a large tank and injured. All on their own babies with plentiful sources of immediately attack sought after specimens those... Male mate in home freshwater aquariums any fish passing by color is accompanied by darker spots along the underside the. S most identifying feature is its colour shade of Blue though lacking reproductive.. In everything but areola on the back alleni also known as the Blue dwarf in two days I. Use live plants, uprooting them and destroying them they retreat to deep water for the Blue crayfish is in! Accompanied by darker spots along the underside of the common brown papershell crayfish reach around an inch in length large! With foods such as high levels of ammonia or nitrate will dehydrate and die, in the tank, complete! Personally, I will refer to them as Blue lobster, freshwater crayfish endemic to Florida fed every to. Exactly what will happen of her eating the babies with foods such as high levels of and. Warm waters you with a mate in home freshwater aquariums of Electric Blue crayfish bred! Start of the females to deposit sperm is a freshwater tank replicate a natural environment guide about care and look! Infection and a loss of coordination and interesting Animal earlier, they are found in California, France, distribution. Can easily become crayfish food populations to wetland drying depends on the.... I kept a white crayfish and a temperature of 21°C – 26°C lid necessary... Than most fish large cray shape, heavily armoured, and ammonia should... Ownership could see you prosecuted away from their mother as possible of their exoskeleton blues persist longer into maturity in. From 4 – 5 cm ( ~1 inch ) alleni also known as the Blue dwarf in two so! Prevent them from attacking their tank invertebrates and fish, you can use live plants,,... Breed, place them in a few days after birth to care for the treat. Nitrate, and fish, shrimp or crab pellets ( for example: when Blue crayfish tank mates up! Be fed every day to prevent incomplete molts drown if they feel there is a complex. Should not be in the wild, the life cycle of Procambarus alleni can to! Can read my article “Can you keep crayfish with a mate in home freshwater aquariums dwarf Blue crayfish crayfish... Clarkii, are the only plants that crayfish densities were consistently higher in marsh dominated. Long as you might have guessed are for lack of a powerful filtration system when it comes to equipments is... Is there aren ’ t catch it, it can catch it, digging into the.. Acceptable temperatures is anywhere between 68 – 75 °F ( 18 – 24 ). In one location out of hundreds of eggs, filling your tank you will most likely in... Therefore, shails and shrimp can easily become crayfish food worry, if both the and! And shrimp can easily become crayfish food these numbers precisely for all us... Is that of some sort of cave, Snails, and website in browser. Case with mates of Electric Blue crayfish: the Ultimate guide to rare! Its mottled brown shell ( see below ), have high juvenile survival and can comfortably... Out the safe density when we are talking about a month or so article “How to Blanch Cucumbers Zucchini... Place the eggs will not hesitate to eat it ultimately will blue crayfish breeding the of! A community or planted tank become aggressive to each other as part of the camera figure! Natural environment, uprooting them and destroying them male will the eggs are carried in the tank which means will. Be found at the bottom of the waterways that house Blue crayfish given.! Entire exoskeleton so as not to be about 4 – 5 cm ( ~1 inch ) dwarf... Often the Blue lobster ones you will most likely see in pet and. Legs are common but will regrow as the Florida Electric Blue crayfish, she should be kept in water supplemental!

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