Paladins of the sun, also known as the sun warriors or the lightwielders, consider the sun as the source of all life and light.By channeling it's power, they're able to improve they're light based abilities as well as they're healing ones. That is actually what the original Glorious Incandescence ability gave you (well, it was 10+dex+cha), but we changed it when it was pointed out that Sun's Warmth removes all the penalites normally associated with heavy armor in a desert setting. A paladin belonging to the Oath of the Moon strives to keep peace, balance, and harmony. (Still want Sacred Flame though). Once per long. Paladins of the Oath of Radiance are overwhelmingly good-aligned, and most are lawful. Now I havent watched that but fire paladin! That makes much better sense now. -Self confidence: you are a beacon of hope and ispiration for those around you, and you shall act accordingly, never show fear or doubt.-. 5e Oath of the divine sun: Paladins of the sun, also known as the sun warriors or the lightwielders, consider the sun as the source of all life and light.By channeling it's power, they're able to improve they're light based abilities as well as they're healing ones. can a target repeat the save at the end of its turn?can you use this ability once per long rest or more? Oath of the Solar Radiance. So should you never fail in your task to spread your faith and knowledge every day. Radiant damage Is also One of the fewer resisted damage types, and only celestial creatures get It, which makes It even less probable in your standard campaign since you probably are allied to them. The other abilities are sunlight-themed, but don't explicitly say it. Where are you getting that from? So can you cast Sunbeam at will or once per long rest? [Insert obligatory "Do you even praise the sun?" You're almost certainly correct on that front, but it's expected that a lot of people will utilize the Waste Update to convert campaigns from Dark Sun, where it would be pretty unusual to see someone in plate mail.Regardless, this feature no longer prohibits armor, so the point is moot -- your paladin can wear all the armor he wants! Do you like using your imagination? here]. If glorious radiance gives you sunlight at level 3, that seems really OP. Press J to jump to the feed. 60ft is insane, does a target become immune after succeeding once? I'm just not sure about that wording. -Destroy the necromancers and the undeads: those who bind the souls of the others down the gift of life and must be killed, while those who have been condamned to unlife must be destroyed in order to save their souls. You gain additional benefits while the spell is active. A: Paladin 5e Oath of Vengeance Against Oath of Allegiance If you plan to use a large weapon to build, Revenge is the way available paladin subclasses are now oath of allegiance, oath of the ancients, oath of vengeance, oath of the crown, Oath of Allegiance The basic concept of The A subreddit for D&D 5e homebrew. Oath of Sunlight - A Paladin Oath Inspired by Dark Souls and other Incandescent Sources! Overall i like the idea, it seems overtuned in the regards of how many weaknesses of the Paladin are negated3rd attack due to spiritual weaponMobility in Misty Stepno Resistances against Radiant damageone of the most powerful ranged "cantrips" of all FULL caster, The wording has to be a bit more precise, especially on lvl 7(resistances and immunity) and level 20. The other CD option is excellent though.The other question I have is, do you think that the 7th level aura is too situational? Also do you think that sun spear would be balanced with d8 or d6? Be sure to rethink that idea and verify that you really want to add even more damage in conjunction with Misty Step(that doesnt really fit in the theme of Sun)as a DM i wouldnt allow your class with those spells, Level 7 Sun Cloak The Resistance ignore and Immunity to Resistance conversion is very strong and eliminates another weakness of the Paladin, again think about what weakness your class should have and not how do you eliminate every weakness, or other people will not wanna play with your homebrew subclasses on the table, Level 15 Sun Spear, so your class gets the strength of a level 17 cantrip with advantage on the next attack?

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