import button used in Custom Uploaders (This feature allows you to import all these uploaders with single click), Added "TextTaskSaveAsFile" setting in "Task Settings -> Advanced" tab which enabled by default and allows to save all text tasks (clipboard text upload, text drag and drop etc.) Added annotation support inside region capture. Tidak jarang versi terbaru dari suatu aplikasi menyebabkan masalah saat diinstal pada smartphone lama. If user tries to upload to any of these destinations then destination settings window with selected uploader tab will be opened automatically, Added decode button to QR code encode picture box right click menu, Renamed “ownCloud” to “ownCloud / Nextcloud” to make it clear Nextcloud is supported, OwnCloud / NextCloud direct link option gonna use /preview link now instead of /download, Added random adjective %radjective and animal name %ranimal pattern for file naming similar to Gfycat naming which is: %radjective%radjective%ranimal, Added random line from a file %rf{filepath} pattern for file naming (by @AtlasTheBot), Added $filename$ pattern for custom uploader arguments, it is only usable when custom uploader type is image, text or file, Support name patterns in custom uploader headers, Support escaping custom uploader URL syntax with \ character (by @ArsenArsen), Added markdown copying options to also history window (by @stuntguy3000), Update recorder devices to latest version, Added Google Translate button to OCR window (by @9joao6), Added upload image and decode buttons to QR code window context menu, Use UTF-8 for QR code encoding and restrict length to 2952 bytes, Using FluentFTP library now for FTP/FTPS uploads instead of deprecated System.Net.FtpClient library, Added /NORUN parameter support to ShareX setup which can be used together with /SILENT or /VERYSILENT to install ShareX silently without run it afterwards, Because of .NET Framework update now we can use built in Zip functions and no need to use 7-Zip library anymore, because of this change importing backups (.sxb files) from previous ShareX versions not gonna work because those were exported using 7z compression but you can extract them manually to Documents/ShareX folder yourself, Added .sxcu file association to Windows Store build (by @sylveon), Added windowed mode support to image editor, Added panning support to image editor, hold middle mouse button to pan canvas (by @L1Q), Added real time image effect (blur, pixelate, highlight) preview support to image editor. Finché lo sviluppatore dell’app non avrà risolto il problema, prova a utilizzare una versione precedente dell’app. If a ShareX annotation is opened by an “After capture” task, then the following task buttons will now be available in the toolbar: The ShareX annotation window now uses a dark background around the image and shows checkers only behind the image, Added animation to region & shape selection border, Added animation under annotation toolbar on startup to make it more noticeable, because there is a lot of people still don’t know there is toolbar in region capture and it is possible to annotate using it, Reimplemented Amazon S3 from scratch to not use Amazon SDK libraries and allow more customization, Added custom endpoint/region support to Amazon S3 so other services which are compatible with Amazon S3 API with v4 signature can be used, Added a path style request option to Amazon S3 to support some custom services which require it, Added “Google image search” to the main window task list right click menu and as a URL sharing destination, Removed Dropbox public folder support because as of March 15, 2017 public folders have been disabled by Dropbox but shareable links can still be used, Removed Dropbox shortened URL option because it is not supported in Dropbox API v2; ShareX now uses fully API v2 endpoints because API v1 is going to be deprecated soon, Added Dropbox “Use direct link” option as check box which is usable with shareable links, Added custom domain support for GitHub Enterprise Gist anonymous uploads (by @maxibanki), Add content type header to Azure Storage uploads so the browser can show content without requiring to download it (by @Scrxtchy), Drag & dropping files from image history are now allowed, Added “Reset settings” button (Application settings -> Export / Import tab), HTTPS endpoints in Pastebin are now being used, Added outlined text drawing tool Drawing: Text (Outline) to region capture, previous text drawing tool was named as Drawing: Text (Background), In region capture text input window pressing Enter accepts text and close input window, Ctrl + Enter inserts new line, Added cancel button to region capture text input window which ignores text changes and close input window, you can also press Esc, Added ShareX Firefox addon (Application settings -> Integration tab), Added workaround to support TLS 1.2 when .NET Framework 4.5 or newer is installed in system, Added option to disable region capture annotation support (Task settings -> Advanced tab), Allow drag n drop file upload support to actions toolbar, Added additional hotkeys for main window task list and hotkey info text for its right click menu items, Removed info button from main window because most tasks hotkey visible in right click menu now, Removed image uploader because the service is dead, Changelog URL changed to, Replaced rounded rectangle shapes with corner radius option to rectangle shapes, Added capture last region button to capture menu, Annotation options will be reset to new defaults, Added customizable actions toolbar which is accessable from tray menu, Added toggle actions toolbar and exit ShareX hotkeys.

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