I would gladly shell out the money for a new one. hide. share. $20.00 Digital; Add to Cart Buy Now. save. 0 comments. I still go back to playing it on my 3DS, it's just so relaxing. A sequel to the first FINAL FANTASY rhythm action game released in 2012, THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY CURTAIN CALL™ expands on the original in every way with new gameplay modes, over … Product Description. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call Takes the Stage A sequel to the first final fantasy rhythm action game released in 2012, Theatrythm final fantasy curtain call expands on the original in every way with new gameplay modes, over 200 songs, and 60 playable characters. Learn more and find out how to purchase the THEATRHYTHM FINAL FANTASY game for Nintendo 3DS on the Official Nintendo site. Nintendo Switch. There needs to be a new Theatrhythm Final Fantasy for the Switch. report. Discussion. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy has adorably redesigned heroes from the catalogue of Final Fantasy titles set out on an adventure to combat memorable villains with the rhythmic taps of … Especially if you're a major fan of the music for the franchise.

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