Trademark Symbol ™: Legal Use and How to Type in MS Word and HTML, Type ° Degree Symbol in MS Word, HTML, Unicode, How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol in HTML and MS-Word, Copyright Symbol: How to Type and Insert in Computer, MS-Word: Type In the Middle or Anywhere in a Document, Remove Automatic Horizontal Line in Ms-Word. Click the symbol to insert in this menu. Select the symbol you like to use frequently on your document. The drop-down menu that then appears shows some of the most commonly-used symbols. Any “Recently used symbols:” also appear in the area of the same name. So, just type (rm) and press space; the registered trademark symbol will appear. If the shortcut key you entered is assigned to another command, it appears here. Navigate to ‘Insert > Symbol’ menu and click on the ‘More Symbols…’. I will be happy to try and assist you. Type 00AE and then press Alt + x keys. Icons Icons. Then click the “Insert” tab in the Ribbon. Double-click a Microsoft Word file, or open Microsoft … Copyright symbol has a completely different use. You can assign the shortcut either to all new Word documents or only to the current document. THANKS for the good lesson. Let us say, you want to insert ‘windows’ symbol. See how Google uses data when you're on TechWelkin | Privacy Policy. On Windows: Open Microsoft Word document. Download free WordPress SEO guide to rank top in Google search, Assign keyboard shortcuts for applications in Windows 10, Fix Slow Page Loading Issue in Google Chrome, View Webpage Source CSS and HTML in Google Chrome, Fix I’m Not A Robot reCAPTCHA Issue in Google Search, Move WordPress Localhost Site to Live Server. Go to Insert tab > Click on Symbol > Click on More Symbols… > A box will appear > locate the registered symbol and double click it to insert. Below this, a “Currently assigned to:” line appears. Press left Alt key and then type 0174 on numeric pad (NumPad) of your keyboard. For me only method two is not working. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Registered Trademark symbol (®) (or registered sign) is an often used symbol in computers. You will see the ‘Symbol’ popup like below: You will see the ‘Customize Keyboard’ dialog box. The Unicode Consortium has assigned U+00AE as the code to produce registered sign (®). In the “Replace text as you type” field, enter a combination of characters for the chosen symbol. The key combination then appears in the “Press new shortcut key:” field. But if you decide to officially register it with the authorities, you can use the registered symbol instead of the trademark symbol. This symbol indicated that the associated name or logo has been duly registered with the authorities and any attempt to misuse the name or logo could be punished by law. Open a Word file, select Insert > Symbol, scroll down to the new font, choose one of the symbols, and click Insert. Let us select ‘Normal’ option and click on ‘Assign’ button to assign the entered shortcut to the selected symbol. Tips and Tutorials on Computers, Mobiles and Internet. Following are the HTML codes for the registered symbol: You can use any of these code. But to be precise, in some countries, for example USA, trademark symbol is used only when goods are being referred to. After selecting a symbol on either the “Symbol” or “Special Characters” tab, then click the “Insert” button in the “Symbol” dialog box to insert the symbol into your document. The next time you type the AutoCorrect entry in your document, it is replaced by the selected symbol. Press the combination of keys to use for a keyboard shortcut in conjunction with either the “Ctrl” or “Alt” keys. In the ‘Save changes in:’ dropdown choose ‘Normal’ for assigning the shortcut to all new Word documents. Alt codes are one of the easiest ways but have restriction that you need a numeric keypad which is not part of most of the modern laptops. Then click the “Symbol” button in the “Symbols” button group to display a drop-down menu of the most commonly used symbols. Even though you can use Character Map, it is difficult to navigate every time. Then click the “Symbol” drop-down button in the “Symbols” button group. You will also see the same “AutoCorrect…” and “Shortcut Key…” buttons. Alt+x is a key combination in MS Word to convert a Unicode into the associated symbol. What Is Aarogya Setu App? Later, you can press the shortcut key in a document to insert the selected symbol. Intel is the registered trademark of Intel Corporation. Scroll down in the list and select ‘windows’ symbol. If the shortcut key you entered is assigned to another command, it appears here. Method 1: Use AutoCorrect This is the easiest way to type the proper ® symbol in MS Word is to use AutoCorrect feature. The drop-down menu that then appears shows some of the most commonly-used symbols. The symbols for your selected font appear in the large scrollable list at the top of the tab. In the “Replace text as you type” field, enter a combination of characters for the chosen symbol.

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