Heat up in the microwave? these were great. Fingers crossed the calories won't be crazy. I'd sacrifice a little of the fluff and reduce it to 2 1/2 tsp. Yummy! You can add any fruit or topping….it adds a few more calories but my family loves it with cherry chips (instead of chocolate chips)….yummy! He liked the taste of cinammon. Made them tonight for dinner and they turned out perfect! Any can you use splenda instead of sugar ? We are on a whole foods diet so I changed the milk to whole milk and substituted honey for the sugar and they came out wonderfully! Mine came out super fluffy but I think I over stirred the batter. Question~can you substitute non fat milk for any type of milk? 4) They don't weigh me down! I am going to make the baked ziti for dinner. These were so wonderful, and I am so full from two! Did u you that same type of wheat flour? I like mine topped with berries and a little pure maple syrup or blueberry compote. I tried at least 4 recipes before I found this one and it is by far the best!! Yours look a lot thicker than mine but my thick ones this morning tasted a bit doughy… Still good of course! I'm definitely adding this one to my recipe book!!! My kids loved them and even commented how they were as good as the ones from our favorite restaurant (of course they didn’t notice these were whole wheat). Thank you for this simple, delicious recipe! We turned over a new leaf starting January of this year and getting my kids to trade in Aunt Jemima and Bisquick for Real Maple syrup and whole wheat pancakes is like winning the lottery for me! Does using reduced fat buttermilk or almond milk have any effect? My son actually ate 8 pancakes! LOVE this Recipe!! is the batter supposed to be thick or a litte runny? The recipe calls for 2 cups + 2 tbsp fat free milk…. Definitely will make this again. Could you possibly use an almond/soy/rice milk to substitute the fat free milk? Excellent!! My son cannot have any folic acid in his diet so he ends up with mostly gluten-free store bought breads and pancake mixes. I have made them twice and they are sooo great!!!! By the way, you can leave out the cinnamon if you don’t want that flavor in your pancakes. Soured almond milk since I didn't have buttermilk and used brown sugar in stead of white. I have a hard time getting my family to eat whole wheat. I struggle to make wise choices in restaurants and so I was trying to gear up for this potential caloric nightmare. If you like blueberries, throw a few on top before flipping the cake :). I'm browsing through your recipes now Thanks so much! I put fresh blueberries in them and my family loved them! This will be my go-to recipe for pancakes from now on!! I had to thin my mixture down from this morning with more semi skimmed milk and I made mini thinner ones i really hope it hasnt added too many calories! Thanks for the recipe using whole wheat . Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. It yielded 6 pancakes at 2 points each per the recipe builder. They were amazing. My husband made these this weekend for the kids while I was working. It changed my life! Hi Gina,I absolutely love your blog and have made many of your recipes, loving them all. This recipe is a keeper! Just made a batch of these, they turned out great! They were absolutely delicious. I love how well they absorb the Blueberry Compote. I changed it up a little bit though…I had some quinoa flour on hand that I have been dying to try out, so I substituted half of the whole wheat flour for that and I love it! If anyone has done this please let me know! We skip the sugar and add ripe bananas instead. Am I not cooking them long enough maybe? I added blueberries to some and semi-sweet chocolate chips to others and had a couple plain and all were delicious. With that being said my batch came out very thick but still very good tasting pancakes. thaw them out and toast them in the toaster ( some toasters have settings for toast, bagel, thaw etc …. The cashew milk adds back some thickness for a fraction of the calories that regular milk brings to the recipe. The nutritional info says one serving has 561.4 grams of sodium! I added blueberries and topped off with home made apple butter. They are great with bananas too! A few minutes does the trick. My husband makes pancakes all the time and I have no idea what recipe he uses and the other day he tried this one and it was great. Super delicous. I tripled the batch and they froze very well! Hopefully the frozen ones will be good reheated! I used a little butter and real maple syrup (just a little) on them and they were delicious. I halved this recipe for me and my husband. I made these tonight for dinner (breakfast for dinner) and my kids loved them! You can even freeze them and reheat in the microwave. Just found this recipe and tried to today. Tossed in some raisins for fun. They were fluffy but dense and substantial and cooked up very well. This way you still get the healthy parts of the grain (the germ, bran, and endosperm are all there) but you also get the look and feel of white flour.

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