The following map shows the prevalence of diabetes in Colorado by county over multiple years. Showing data for Colorado. County Information: Yuma County Homepage: Career Opportunities: Cases of Interest: Collections & Online Payments: Court Business Resources: Dockets: Judges and Staff: Judicial Nominating Commission: Jury Information The following chart shows how the percent of uninsured individuals in Yuma County, CO changed over time compared with the percent of individuals enrolled in various types of health insurance. The 3 largest ethnic groups in Yuma County, CO. The county seat is Yuma.. Yuma County includes the Yuma, Arizona Metropolitan Statistical Area.. Patient to Primary Care Physician Ratio in Yuma County, CO, Total Per Capita Spending on Personal Health Care in Colorado, Per Enrollee Private Health Insurance Spending on Personal Health Care, Per Enrollee Medicaid Spending on Personal Health Care, Per Enrollee Medicare Spending on Personal Health Care. Child Welfare will continue to conduct face-to-face visits at the Wray Office only; using the alternative entrance at the back of the building. 970.332.4805. This is a 5.13% increase from the previous year ($6,472). In 2016, Mississippi had the highest prevalence of adults who haven't seen a doctor in the past 12 months due to cost, at 19.2%. This percentage grew from the previous year's rate of 62%. The following charts display, first, the property values in Yuma County, CO compared to it's parent and neighbor geographies and, second, owner-occupied housing units distributed between a series of property value buckets compared to the national averages for each bucket. The county seat is Wray. This chart shows weekly unemployment insurance claims in Colorado (not-seasonally adjusted) compared with the four states with the most similar impact. Presidential voting results are only available at the county level. All other forms of communication (telephone, fax, email, etc.) Primary care physicians in Yuma County, CO see 1268 patients per year on average, which represents a 24.3% increase from the previous year (1020 patients). 85.1% for Donald J. Trump (Republican Party), 84.1% for Donald J. Trump (Republican Party), 83.9% for Donald J. Trump (Republican Party). Yuma County, CO is home to a population of 10.1k people, from which 90.5% are citizens. Households in Yuma County, CO have a median annual income of $48,394, which is less than the median annual income of $61,937 across the entire United States. Yuma County was home to only 10,043 residents in 2010. * To verify enrollment eligibility, contact the school or district directly. The homeownership rate in Yuma County, CO is 63.2%, which is lower than the national average of 63.9%. 12.88% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. It is followed by Texas (17.9%) and Louisiana (17.6%). Save this search to get alerts when new listings like this hit the market. This chart illustrates the share breakdown of the primary jobs held by residents of Yuma County, CO. Yuma County was home to only 10,043 residents in 2010. These workers were paid 1 times more than White workers, who made the second highest salary of any race/ethnicity in Colorado. The runner-up was Hillary Rodham Clinton (15.2%), followed by Other (4.49%). The racial makeup of the county was 94.17% White, 0.11% Black or African American, 0.28% Native American, 0.07% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 4.14% from other races, and 1.21% from two or more races. The median household income was $33,169 and the median family income was $39,814. This represents a 24.3% increase from the previous year (1,020 patients). For every 100 females there were 96.80 males. Yuma County, CO has a large population of military personnel who served in Vietnam, 2.34 times greater than any other conflict. Use the dropdown to filter by race/ethnicity. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience. Yuma County is one of the 64 counties of the U.S. state of Colorado. If a family's total income is less than the family's threshold than that family and every individual in it is considered to be living in poverty. The chart below shows how the median household income in Yuma County, CO compares to that of it's neighboring and parent geographies. Uncover Colorado - Vacations, Travel & Tourism | Sitemap | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer. Highest Average Salaries by Race & Ethnicity in Colorado, Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander. The County offers moderate summers, crisp falls, cool winters and warm spring. A pre-approval letter from a lender makes your offer stronger. This chart shows the households in Yuma County, CO distributed between a series of property tax buckets compared to the national averages for each bucket. The following chart shows the share of these products in relation to all outbound Colorado products. From 2017 to 2018, employment in Yuma County, CO grew at a rate of 2.79%, from 4.94k employees to 5.08k employees. The Assessor's Office also is responsible for maintaining public records, including ownership and parcel maps. Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) Yuma County UPDATES (English y Espanol). With so many resources available online, see what you can do with the How Do I section. YUMA COUNTY COVID-19 HOURS OF OPERATION                           YUMA COUNTY TRANSFER/WASTE SITE HOURS OF OPERATION, New Hire Intro to FMLA & Workers' Comp (For County Employees Only), New Hire Orientation: Cybersecurity Division & Safety, Recruitment, Interviewing, and the Selection Process for Supervisors (Prequel), New Hire Orienation: Preventing Workplace Harassment. We have a variety of activities happening around Yuma County. 88.7% of the population of Yuma County, CO has health coverage, with 38.4% on employee plans, 20.7% on Medicaid, 11.8% on Medicare, 17.3% on non-group plans, and 0.534% on military or VA plans. In 2017, the percentage of foreign-born citizens in Yuma County, CO was 10%, meaning that the rate has been increasing. Find 31 homes for sale in Yuma County with a median listing price of $239,500. But people in Yuma County, CO are getting getting older. 14.5% of the population for whom poverty status is determined in Yuma County, CO (1.44k out of 9.93k people) live below the poverty line, a number that is higher than the national average of 13.1%. This chart shows the number of COVID-19 daily new cases by date in Colorado, as a 7-day rolling average, compared with the four states with the most similar number of confirmed cases. Showing data at the state level for Colorado. Homes for sale in Yuma County, CO have a median listing price of $239,500. About 8.80% of families and 12.90% of the population were below the poverty line, including 15.50% of those under age 18 and 10.70% of those age 65 or over. The following chart shows how the number of patients seen by primary care physicians has been changing over time in Yuma County, CO in comparison to its neighboring geographies. A little slice of heaven located in eastern. This crossing point is the highest low point of any U.S. My power is out, how do I report it/find out how long it will be out? Yuma County was formed in 1889 from a portion of Washington County. Yuma City Hall Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Phone: 970-848-3878 Fax: 970-848-5101 Mailing Address: PO Box 265 Yuma, CO 80759

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