The 32-ounce container should be plenty to cover your entire home and yard multiple times, so it’s a very cost-effective product. Your email address will not be published. The package only comes with 15, so you’ll have to buy a pack of five extra stakes. Some posts may contain affiliate links. High level of education and experience helped him to become an expert in pests termination. You don’t have to dig a trench, measure out a concentrated product, or spend hours spraying your home or yard. It should take care of a termite problem quickly and efficiently. But among all the names of chemicals floating around, which are the best termite killer products out there? Thousands of people have had great success with the product, and it should work well if you follow the instructions. For a more a comprehensive explanation (plus tons more information about in-home termite control), keep reading below. We've partnered with Terminix to bring you exclusive discounts and priority service on pest control service. It’s highly recommended for active infestations as long as you can follow the safety instructions. We've got[...], Curious to know what termites like to eat?Well you're in for a treat because we break down everything you need[...], Your house is the home base for you and your family. This product makes the list if you are looking for a way to cut cost on a pre-construction termite treatment or going to do a post-construction termite treatment for subterranean termites.The one criticism I was able to find is that this product is very thick, almost like honey, and it may be a little difficult to work with at first. It’s water-resistant, so you don’t have to reapply it to your yard after it rains. It also can kill over 50 other types of pests, and it can prevent future infestations. Bora Care is a product that has a specific niche in taking care of termites. For an outdoor infestation, you should probably use Taurus SC Termiticide/Insecticide. The last thing you want is for a ton of chemicals to build up and grow stagnant in your pond while termites run free, escaping into your home. In addition, Essentria IC3 Pro Insect Killer complies with the standards of the National Organics Program. Bayer Diy Termite Killer isn’t the cheapest product on the market, but it’s a great option for preventing termites in your yard from entering your home. In fact, termites can’t smell or detect the chemicals at all. Spectracide Terminate uses strong chemicals, so you need to be careful when installing and checking the stakes. But if you've got a baby learning to crawl in one room, a toddler tinkering around in another, a dog chasing his tail in the front yard and a cat snoozing in the corner, you may be wary about firing off a chemical through your home, no matter how non-toxic it claims to be. It can be more expensive than other brands, but as you know, you get what you pay for and when it comes to getting rid of something like termites, I wouldn’t want to do the treatment twice. It's easy to find in stores and online, it's simple to mix at home, and the process of spraying your yard is straightforward. If you’ve seen termites outside, the first thing you should do is search your home for signs of an infestation. Top 5 Best Termite Sprays To Buy (**2020 Review**), Kills termites with the active ingredient Fipronil, Completely safe for kids and pets after dry, It has a 5-year shelf life so that it will last between uses, Can also be mixed stronger for outdoor use, Safe for environments with children and pets once dry. That being said, please exercise caution if you do have young children in the house. After it dries, it will leave a residual for up to eight weeks, so any termites who make contact will be killed. If these are the types of questions you have, look no further. This includes places with lots of moisture, like air conditioning lines, spigots, and poor drainage areas. When using the product, wear long a long-sleeved shirt and gloves to prevent skin contact. Bifen XTS is a fast-acting, oil-based termiticide that can kill termites in 24 hours by attacking their nervous systems. We get it: you want something that's strong enough to combat the elements outside, but gentle enough not to affect your pets and kids indoors. Once they're in, they're really in--setting to work chomping down on your hard-earned property. For instance, you can often find this for somewhere around 40 dollars per 20 ounces of product. Bifen XTS uses fast-acting chemicals that will  affect a termite’s nervous system and kill it within 24 hours of contact . No one likes them, but termites are something that need to be dealt with. Bifenthrin--pyrethroid extract which occurs naturally and stops an insect's nerve cells from working properly, causing death, Permethrin--natural extract from the chrysanthemum flower which paralyzes insects and leads to death, Fipronil--a powder which kills insects by binding to nerve endings and shutting down the nervous system, Imidacloprid--a nicotine-mimicking insecticide which kills the nerves and shocks insects to death, It does not leave residues or fumes behind. If you don’t surround your entire home with the solution, it may not work. This termite killer is meant for outdoor use only, so it won’t help with an infestation inside your home. Also, make sure to use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) while spraying your yard and garden for termites. It can be sprinkled around the affected area, mix it with water and spray into the infested area. Place the stakes two or three feet from the foundation of your home. Below are our top 3 picks based on that review for pest removal. However, our top picks are... Of all the termite killer sprays we reviewed, Taurus SC combines value and quality seamlessly in one package. You can use the spray in the kitchen, but you’ll have to store away any food to prevent it from being contaminated. Limited Time: Save $50 on a pest control plan! Use gloves and protective goggles, and wash your hands right after handling the product. However, we recommend to go the DIY route only when you've got termites in your soil or in trees or bushes in your yard rather than infesting the wooden structures of your actual home. Termites are highly destructive insects that feed on wood. Copyright - (operated by Home Media, LLC) © 2020 Limited Time: Save $50 off your pest control service. Then, water the granules with a hose until … This spray is suited for mostly indoor use--which we really like--because you can protect your home from a potential termite infestation before it happens. If you're in a hurry, you can click the links below for a quick look at the top five termite sprays we reviewed. Limited Time: Save $50 on your pest control plan! No matter which termite killer you choose, you should do your research and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to get the best possible results. Best Termite Killer Spray. Always use your best judgment and keep chemicals out of reach of kids. Can't I Just Use Vinegar to Get Rid of Termites? You also need to determine whether you’ll use your termite killer indoors or outdoors. Microcapsule formula makes pests pick it up easier. It sticks to soil tightly, so it doesn’t seep into the groundwater, and when it is exposed to the sun, it deteriorates in 4 to 12 hours, making it very eco-friendly. Here are a few things to consider when you're making your selection. It can be used in pre-construction or post-construction projects. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If so, will you be spraying these crops? If you use Bifen XTS outside, avoid spraying the solution directly onto your garden. It may be harmful to aquatic species, so you shouldn’t spray it near any water sources, affect a termite’s nervous system and kill it within 24 hours of contact, affects the pests’ central nervous systems. It has Deltamethrin as an active ingredient which is ideal for non-porous surfaces. This is a blanket term covering the vast majority of chemicals which work to eradicate termites from an area--whether they live in soil or they've taken up residence in the woodwork of your home. The internet is chock full of misinformation about how to get rid of termites in soil, how to get rid of termites in walls, and whether there's a natural termite killer recipe out there. It … Identify places around the perimeter of your home where termites might gather. Not only does it work, but it has a half-life of 125 days when it is in the soil, meaning it will continue to kill termites for four months. Copyright © 2020 • • ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, the full effects will be achieved in 90 days, It’s highly recommended for people who are willing to put in the time and effort to treat their home, Talstar Pro can also take care of over 75 other pests, including cockroaches, mosquitoes, and fleas. Keep this in mind: just because all sprays are marketed to kill termites means they're the same.

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