Those dealing in food or products that contain pork or alcohol or any of their by-products without permission face a prison term of not less than a month and a fine of up to AED 500,000. "The PIC can be the owner of the business, or a designated person such as a shift leader, chef, kitchen manager or similar individual, always present and involved in the worksite and having direct authority, control or supervision over employees who engage in storage, preparation, display or service of food," said Khalid Mohamed Sharif, the director of the Food Control Department at Dubai Municipality. Please go to, your gateway to UAE government services. Things have changed, he said: "No more excuses for violating rules and harming consumers, or causing a dent in the economy.", Corporate Structuring Manager /F����Y�]nt7M���ܙG$}�>X����zN�X�0h57�A�ˍ��ĈŒJ��ҵY���\YQԹ�z�/�=�tO�6͍�æ������R+q;^�ơ~>��.A���,;B=%�M�f�W��ƴ��F����bV���Y�7��'C�S�e2��`JYC5\���=#O���\3[��Q���g�f�i!��"���d��(����0sl9��k��yi�dZK#u�M˝ p�\V� Some food additives are banned in the UAE such as fast yellow A B, yellow 2 G, amaranth, patent blue V, and also potassium bromate. Where the container is covered by a wrapper, the wrapper must carry the necessary information, or the label on the container shall be readily legible through the outer wrapper or not obscured by it. Those who do not pass on their first attempt will be allowed to re-sit. Food labeling requirements when importing foods to Dubai. FIRS will without any delay reject your application; if the food product you apply for is already register with another name or account. , Company agent’s name along with mobile number. 14 of 2016 on Controlling of Imported Food for Non-trading Purpose (300 KB, PDF in Arabic), personal food is allowed to be imported through the country’s borders with a restriction on specific types and quantities. stream According to the rule of Dubai; regulations food products in Dubai are essential for import and export of all food products in Dubai. was launched in 2017 to ensure proper implementation of response measures when serious food risks are detected. The Food Safety Department at Dubai Municipality regulates the registration of food products under the food control department. PRO Partner Group can assist you to set up the company correctly, obtain the relevant activities and DM approval for the company. The language of the label shall be in Arabic. It is registered with Dubai Municipality E-Government. But note that this is a long process; so you need a consultant to manage the whole process of registration. Following are a small number of things to think before applying for Regulations food products in Dubai. By the end of this year, according to Dubai Municipality, food import is expected to reach four million tonnes - most of which will be subject to new food industry regulations. 14 of 2016 on Controlling of Imported Food for Non-trading Purpose, World Trade Organization Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures SPS, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, Download the ALHOSN UAE contact-tracing app, Stay at home during restricted hours as per the regulations in force, During restricted hours, step out only if absolutely necessary, for health emergency, or if you work in a vital sector. Foodstuff products which are new to the FIRS system need to be registered in detail first. Book a call with one of our company formation specialists. Person in Charge (PIC) - a project three years in the making - requires that by December 2011, every food establishment would have appointed at least one certified PIC. Import and re-export requirements for food stuff - The Food Control Department - Dubai Municipality Food code (PDF, 1MB)- Dubai Municipality Law No. For a FREE company formation guide click here, Dubai Municipality Approvals – Food Importation. 239 of 2018 on National Food Accreditation and Registration System (250 KB, PDF in Arabic), food whether imported or locally produced or modified on its food label or ingredients or composition must be registered in the electronic system (ZAD), which is an integrated smart platform for food products data, before being handled in the UAE’s markets. Workshop Topic: Food Labeling Requirements for Food Traders, Timing:  18th Feb – 22nd February (Starting from 3 PM onwards), Venue: Dubai Municipality Stand (Concourse 2, Stand CCR-5). While thorough investigation was taken in preparation of this report, UAE import requirements are subject … Arabic is the official language for verifying the information on the label. Failing to register the food products with the Dubai Municipality will result in the rejection of the consignment during shipment. The Food Department of the Dubai Municipality took the initiative to draft a food import “mechanism” which translates the labeling and shelf life standards to an application procedure. The training will be a condition for restaurant licences, which will not be issued or renewed unless all staff have taken at least six hours of hygiene training and passed a multiple-choice exam, according to the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority. HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE Minister of Finance, Opens Trend-Setting Gulfood 2018, Chile eyes opportunities for bilateral trade with the UAE. Language of the label shall be in Arabic. This has been made possible by creating a strict procedure for food product registration in Dubai. It is a portal which saves details of all food products in UAE. It also provides both the importer and the exporter further clarification to the standards and the The goods are subject to testing, and authentication of the ingredients. I agree to the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Usage Policy of this website. Read about the legal provisions and the entities responsible to ensure food safety in the UAE. If you need assistance on this or any other related company set up, restructuring, local partner or PRO support matter in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, the wider UAE, Oman or Qatar, then please do get in touch with us on +971 (0)4 456 1761 for Dubai or +971 (0)2 448 5120 The labelling has a non-conformity with applicable laws, such religious signs or inappropriate pictures. Storage conditions (if the validity of the product depends on such conditions). The labelling information is difficult to read. law imposes standards and regulations for maintaining the safety and quality of food and ensuring the protection of public health and consumers. This is done through the Food Import Re-export Service (FIRS) online portal system at Dubai Municipality (DM). The foodstuff contains banned ingredients such as poppy seeds or alcohol. Through this food product registration system; the gov’t of Dubai ensures that only the top quality food product import; produce as well as re export from the country. a small number of food flavors are ban in UAE including; fast yellow A B, yellow 2 G, patent blue V, Amaranth, potassium bro mated etc. This ensures the consumer can be confident that what they purchase adheres to the quality standards of the UAE. DUBAI // Of the 2.8 million tonnes of food imported to Dubai last year, 500,000 tonnes were rejected for not meeting food-safety requirements. In the emirates of Dubai and Sharjah, food safety falls under the scope of the respective municipal authorities. Maintain physical distance; stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from others. x��[[O�H~G�?ԣ3��n�F#�!t��@ �j�̃Ix�،��l��s�Np�K'�-����;�ԹW�|���S8��/���'a�ɯ����������������S�=�z�H�jO�����#������W�� �����`2.�6+ؙ��!-c� �w��qdtsA�<=��e>���� ғ.LR����,:=��O$��矑㛋�K�\�\�{�6Xڇ�\s�)��_/��H�˔�V�Uסo��EC!E�+EɵK �R���E��~�7�$ſ� ����B3��{@��I�j]������[e�au��� H���h�\Vٔ�Y�z�jFe��KR&�gʹ0�g�!��3�>���_rqw;pg88�0�r�vL�f��1�q��Ȍ*V�����u�nn�.g��:�Bp��v �K�+N#�"̏�ј��k�B>��ag�˻� ּ?�/�d^��WUPQRw�T���>2���A8�+���R ����d��ѓ1�A�0p \� Imports and exports. Company Set up The components of the system include: assignment of responsibilities and roles, identifying types of food alerts, identifying the criteria to report food incidents, including border rejection of food and adulterated products in the market. %PDF-1.5 10 Elements of Food Regulations • Include: • Food Standards • Food Labeling • Food Safety & Hygiene standards • Food Additives • Pesticides/ Contaminants • Inspection/ Certification • Risk Assessment . There is a duplicated barcode in the FIRS program. The language used on packaging labels of foodstuff must be in Arabic and/or English. The supplier of foodstuff products should first be registered at DM as an authorised foodstuff supplier through the FIRS system. 3 0 obj Useful links: To be able to import/export or manufacture food in the UAE, the company first needs to be set up as an LLC and registered with the DED and Dubai Municipality using a food trading activity or a general trading activity.

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