The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. There’s no MCU moving forward without Night Monkey at the heart of it. It was reported on August 20th, less than two months since the billion-dollar-grossing Spider-Man: Far From Home hit cinemas, that Sony and Disney have failed to agree on a deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU. He was tricked by a rival into attempting to steal the original's staff, the Ruyi Jingu Bang. This Night Monkey, though, is a purely original creation for Spider-Man: Far From Home, although the suit itself draws inspiration from a number of different black, stealthy suits from the comics, including Spider-Man: Noir and the Spider-Man: Big Time comic book series, but with … It could even fit into the overarching narrative too with Spider-Man’s identity being found out at the end of Far From Home. Now, Sony Pictures has released an official trailer for the Night Monkey, as he is poised to break into everybody's home on digital downloads and soon on blu-ray. Some Marvel fans think Marvel should create a movie about the superhero Night Monkey. Amazingly, people all across Europe buy the lie and we see some hilarious moments when ‘Night Monkey’ appears in Berlin and The Netherlands. There was no way of knowing just how iconic it would become. However, as far as we’re aware, he isn’t the inspiration behind the name Night Monkey. At the time, the suit Peter Parker wore was being referred to as a stealth suit, of sorts. There is no comic version of Spider-Man known as Night Monkey or at least not yet. However, as far as we’re aware, the rights of Spider-Man, that Sony seems so keen to hold onto, don’t include the European alter ego, Night Monkey. He deserves his own trailer -- and he got one. Spider-Man: Far From Home introduces a new name for the web-slinger, referring to him as Night Monkey when he's wearing his black stealth suit, but is this actually taken from Marvel's Spider-Man comics? Despite the focus on the name, however, there is no character from Marvel Comics called Night Monkey, even though it does sound like the kind of thing that would come from comic books. In modern times, a crime lord self-styled himself as a modern day "Monkey King." If you imagine Caeser from the Planet of the Apes films and give him a suit, tie, some sunglasses and machine gun, then you’ve pretty much got yourself Hit Monkey, a killer Macaque with the skills of a master assassin. Copyright 2020 BOND, JANE BOND! Is Marianne renewed for season 2? We join Peter Parker on a globetrotting tour of Europe as his high school trip is hijacked by Nick Fury and the enigmatic Mysterio, excellently portrayed by the one-and-only Jake Gyllenhaal (Prisoners, Nightcrawler). During the film, to help keep Peter’s identity hidden from his friends while he’s in Europe, Spidey is given the pseudonym Night Monkey. A one-stop shop for all things video games. As a result, a number of fans have already been demanding that Disney continue using Spider-Man in the MCU but rename him Night Monkey. Hit Monkey has appeared alongside several Marvel films over the years including both Spider-Man and Deadpool. “It’s inspired by a bunch of different looks in the comics,” Spider-Man: Far From Home executive producer Eric Carroll said. DON’T LEAVE US HANGING! Click the button below to start this article in quick view. A new character has been introduced to the world and has become an instant legend. Therefore, he gets lent the new stealth suit by Nick Fury, you know, the black one we see in some of the trailers, so that people don’t recognise that he’s actually Spider-Man despite it being horrendously obvious that he’s quite clearly Spider-Man. – You’ll notice that a light switch in Peter’s room is taped up with a prominent … After having his identity almost discovered by his friends in Spider-Man: Homecoming, Peter Parker is naturally very wary about keeping his anonymity. All rights reserved. Spider-Man: Far From Home went down an absolute treat, offering up some much-needed levity after the cataclysmic events of April’s Avengers: Endgame. In the cave he encountered the spirit of the original Monkey King who, impressed by his audacity, let him take the staff and at least some of the … You know, Night Monkey, that European superhero introduced in Spider-Man: Far … Spider-Monkey is later seen a… After saving the world from an elemental attack in Europe, the Night Monkey is on the loose and ready to fight. Give it a watch below: ODD ONE OUT: How to watch Jesy Nelson’s eye-opening documentary. More: Every Spider-Man Movie Suit Ranked (Including Far From Home), All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. {{#media.focal_point}}. One of the reasons Peter Parker (Tom Holland) is reluctant to work for Fury in Spider-Man: Far From Home is because having Spider-Man suddenly appear in Europe at the same time as him would be too much of a giveaway about his identity, which is why he gets the new stealth suit. And it’s got all these little details, which Ryan’s amazing at.”, “We thought [the Stealth Suit] was so cool, but [director] Jon Watts really wanted to find a way to make it less cool,” he continued. It would also fit, and be quite funny, if the name and suit were to return in Spider-Man 3, especially given the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home. “So he gave them these cheesy flip-up goggles, like those ‘80s glasses. But, like all of you out there, we’re pinning our hopes on Sony and Disney reaching a workable agreement to keep Spidey in the MCU as he’s become an integral part of those films and it would be a travesty to lose him over a silly squabble over the character’s film rights. 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There's also a real animal called a night monkey, which is a nocturnal species of monkey that's native to Central and South America. The video above is the official trailer for Night Monkey, which is actually an ad for Spider-Man: Far From Home. As a result, a lot of the work that has gone on to put Spider-Man into the galaxy-spanning MCU will have gone to waste. This Night Monkey, though, is a purely original creation for Spider-Man: Far From Home, although the suit itself draws inspiration from a number of different black, stealthy suits from the comics, including Spider-Man: Noir and the Spider-Man: Big Time comic book series, but with some additional Peter Parker twists such as the goofy flip-up goggles. {{#media.media_details}} “We have Noir, Big Time — but of course, when Ryan [Meinerding, concept artist and Marvel Studios head of visual development] was designing this, he has all the past S.H.I.E.L.D. - September 17, 2019 01:25 pm EDT. Of course, the ad is a promo for the home release of Spider-Man: Far From Home, but the iconic Night Monkey was one of the fan favorite moments from the successful film. Spider-Monkey is first seen fighting against Doctor Ooktavius, who Gibbon helped to defeat. However, quite strangely, there is indeed a monkey-based Marvel comic book character known as Hit Monkey. It would be a fun little One-Shot short film for the blu-ray, having the European version of Spider-Man meant to preserve Peter Parker's identity having to solve one more crime or stop one more villain. Spider-Monkey also had no problem with killing those who did not want to reform, as the justice system of his world says that if a villain does not reform, they must be killed. Spider-Man: Far From Home is available now on digital downloads. Spidey’s Costumes. Related: Every Spider-Man Comic Suit Teased By Stark's Plane Lab In Far From Home. Come on Sony and Disney, get your acts together and work something out for the good of your devoted fanbase!

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