The paper withstands scratching with a knife or razor blade. This natural white watercolour paper is acid free, lightfast and made from 100% cotton. The pigment settles in the crevices of the paper and leaves the crests much lighter in tone. Arches is one of the best-known paper manufacturers, and their watercolor paper is 100 percent cotton rag. You can choose this in your shopping basket on the Jackson’ website or … A beginning watercolorist has a lot to learn in both product knowledge and technique. Elephant is 29 x 41 inches. Watercolor Paper Manufacturers. Your email address will not be published. Blot away any surface water with a clean towel and allow to dry flat overnight. Lightweight papers will be cheaper but will require stretching before use (you can find out more about paper stretching below). 100% cotton papers are professional quality, and are considered to offer the very best painting surface. Each sheet of paper is hand inspected at the mill to ensure consistency. Some papers, such as Botanical Ultra Smooth and Fabriano 5 measure up a little smaller than full imperial, so it is worth double checking the exact size before you buy. The texture of machine made paper will also appear more uniform. Your email address will not be published. Generally there will be a small gap in the adhesive on one of the longest sides of the block; a knife can be slipped into this gap and run around the edges of the paper to remove the top sheet. You can find out a little more about the different papers we stock below. Please note that the Art Supply Retailers affiliated here DO NOT carry all of the paints listed! This paper is a good choice for a beginning watercolorist, as it provides texture to create interesting effects and still allows precise detail. Available in NOT surface, Fabriano 5 is a mould-made 50% rag watercolour paper that is acid free, surface sized and watermarked. This paper is an inexpensive alternative to cotton paper and is a good choice for amateurs and beginners. This denotes that it is not hot pressed. Glazing takes a deft and gentle stroke to avoid lifting paint from earlier layers. google_ad_slot = "6983542592"; The last image shows a blade being inserted into the gap to remove the top sheet. The gummed strip on the HP pad runs along one of the longest sides. Canson Heritage is a 100% cotton watercolour paper range made to meet the most exacting standards of professional watercolourists. Generally, paper less than 260 lb should be stretched. It is also available in half sheets and quarter sheets. Perhaps one of the first choices you will encounter when selecting a watercolour paper is choosing a surface type. Heavyweight papers will stand up well to multiple washes, and they shouldn’t require stretching unless excessive amounts of water are being used. For 140lb paper 8 minutes should be sufficient. Different techniques have different requirements for paper tooth and weight, so one paper is never enough. Generally, watercolour papers are one of three different surface types; Hot Pressed (HP), Cold Pressed (NOT) and Rough. Our most popular economically priced paper is Bockingford – if you are working with a wet in wet technique and don’t wish to stretch your paper then we would advise to use paper that is 200lb or upwards. Individual sheets are a popular way to buy watercolor paper. However, this is no job for a beginner. Watercolour Paper Blocks are a fantastic choice if you do not have the time or resources to stretch your watercolour paper. Strong enough to withstand multiple washes, masking fluid and tape without damage, this paper is exceptionally durable. Any paper packs cut to ¼ imperial will measure 11” X 15” (38cm x 28cm) and will contain 20 sheets per pack. Effectively doing a Which? Watercolor paper is treated to reduce the absorption rate. The paper is sized both internally and externally for consistent absorption. The most economical way of purchasing watercolor paper is by the roll. Learning about the differences in watercolor paper takes away one of the misgivings a student may have and gives him an opportunity to paint on a paper best suited to his style. Your paper will need to be able to withstand multiple washes, be non-yellowing, sufficient in weight and consistent in its texture. This watercolor paper comes in five different weights of 185, 300, 356, 640 and 850 GMS, along with different height and … If you would like to contribute, please contact us at with your submission or idea – we would love to hear from you! This paper will preserve the integrity of your artwork over time and prevent the deterioration of paint and colour. You'll often see papers labeled with 90#, 300#, etc. This paper is popular with illustrators and designers as it gives a flat finish good for reproduction. Double elephant is 40 x 60 inches. There are many paper manufacturers and handmade paper producers. This paper offers excellent resistance to aging and good permanence of colour due to its acid-free nature.

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