var s = document.createElement('script'); Lee and Cuomo first announced their split on September 25 after dating for roughly 14 years. Dec. 23, 2013, 2:53 PM UTC. }; (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for CIROC Vodka). Despite being located on a very busy highway, the house still manages to stay commendably private — there’s a big wall around the lot, and the entire front of the property is covered by tall trees and hedges, imbuing the place with a sense of serenity. In 2015, the lifestyle star was diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer and had to undergo a double mastectomy. ga('set', 'dimension10', '4/21/2020'); The humble pie-sized house spans barely 1,700 square feet and includes two bedrooms, the master equipped with a fireplace and a big-picture window for clear ocean views, plus an additional bonus room that could function as a wee gym, an office or storage space for a bevy of prepackaged meal ingredients. document.head.appendChild(s); And she continues to maintain a stately white residence in New York’s Westchester County that was purchased way back in 2005, for $1.22 million, and formerly shared with ex-flame Cuomo. She was seen in September of 2019 with a different pout, hair style and makeup look. Follow Sandra on Instagram where she seems to be getting back into her Food Network zone, sharing her favorite recipes with followers and friends. (RELATED: Gov. Sandra Lee gives TODAY a tour of her home. I’m not even open. The modest — if still prohibitively pricey — house is of no particular architectural style and was built in 1948, per tax records. The main selling point of the property, however, are the stunning whitewater views — out back, an exceptionally large wooden deck spans the home’s entire width and is cantilevered directly over a nearly sheer rock promontory that just out into the sea. if (!f._fbq) f._fbq = n; n.push = n; n.loaded = !0; n.version = '2.0'; !function (e, n) { window.deepchannel = n, n.init = function (e, n) { window.deepchannel.config = n || {}, window.deepchannel.config.app_id = e; var t = deepchannel.config.force_ssl || "https:" === document.location.protocol, c = document.createElement("script"); c.type = "text/javascript", c.async = !0, c.src = (t ? The news came after reports surfaced claiming the two were not living together any longer. What’s more, she was scheduled to have a double mastectomy the very week of her cancer diagnosis. apstag.init({ Her Health Details. var s = document.createElement('script'); Sandra Lee was born in Santa Monica, Calif. to a drug-addicted teenage mother and absent father, she recalled in her 2007 memoir Made From Scratch. What is Sandra Lee doing now? “Why I have had such a huge career and why I have sold over four million books is that people can do what I share with them to do,” Sandra said in a 2011 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. Mashed reports that the star has fulfilled her dream of living in Malibu. t.src = v; s = b.getElementsByTagName(e)[0]; i['GoogleAnalyticsObject'] = r; i[r] = i[r] || function () { Andrew Cuomo. ga('send', 'pageview');

s.src = '//'; These days, she’s cancer-free. “I’m not! (function () { Andrew Cuomo And Sandra Lee Split After 14 Years Together), “We will always be family and are fully supportive of each other and dedicated to the girls,” they added. Thankfully, the doctors detected cancer in its early stages. !function (a9, a, p, s, t, A, g) { if (a[a9]) return; function q(c, r) { a[a9]._Q.push([c, r]) } a[a9] = { init: function () { q("i", arguments) }, fetchBids: function () { q("f", arguments) }, setDisplayBids: function () { }, _Q: [] }; A = p.createElement(s); A.async = !0; A.src = t; g = p.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; g.parentNode.insertBefore(A, g) }("apstag", window, document, "script", "//"); "https:" : "http:") + "//" + e + ".js"; var r = document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; r.parentNode.insertBefore(c, r); for (var o = function (e) { return function () { deepchannel.push([e].concat(, 0))) } }, i = "setEventProperties unsetEventProperties clearEventProperties setPageProperties unsetPageProperties setUserProperties unsetUserProperties identify resetIdentity track".split(" "), p = 0; p < i.length; p++)deepchannel[i[p]] = o(i[p]) } }(document, window.deepchannel || []), deepchannel.init(44486); s.async = true; “All I want is my best gay boyfriends!”. Sandra Lee is unrecognizable at an event on January 18th (R). s.src = ''; !(function(o,n,t){t=o.createElement(n),o=o.getElementsByTagName(n)[0],t.async=1,t.src="",o.parentNode.insertBefore(t,o)})(document,"script"),(function(o,n){o[n]=o[n]||function(){(o[n].q=o[n].q||[]).push(arguments)}})(window,"admiral");! Andrew Cuomo And Sandra Lee Split After 14 Years Together) “We will always be family and are fully supportive of each other and dedicated to the girls,” they added. When asked if she was ready to focus on finding love again, she said no. (RELATED: Gov.

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// amazon adServer: 'googletag', Read Next: On ‘The Unicorn,’ Walton Goggins Finds Love at a Famous Paramount Studios Façade. I’m not even thinking about it,” the TV personality responded. “When I was younger, I was a waitress at the Malibu Adobe,” Sandra shared in an interview with People. })();

Sandra Lee was born in Santa Monica, Calif. to a drug-addicted teenage mother and absent father, she recalled in her 2007 memoir Made From Scratch. ga('create', 'UA-41650130-1', 'auto'); The couple denied the rumors at the time, telling the Post, “And to set the record straight: We’re not getting married or getting divorced, or not pregnant, and my blood type is B-positive, not B-negative, selling the house. ga('set', 'dimension1', 'Pippa Raga'); })();

He has lived with Lee at her home in Chappaqua, which is now up for sale. bidTimeout: 900 (function (i, s, o, g, r, a, m) { Andrew Cuomo And Sandra Lee Split After 14 Years Together). })(window, document, 'script', '', 'ga'); Sold to Lee by a non-famous family who had owned the property for over 50 years, the single-story home was marketed completely unstaged and would likely make even a hardcore minimalist blush; a quick peek inside indicates the bare-bones structure will require some major upgrades to accomodate all the contemporary amenities that buyers of $3.4 million Malibu homes have come to expect. // overconfidentialfood Variety and the Flying V logos are trademarks of Variety Media, LLC. Lee, who was born and raised on L.A.’s Westside, also owns a modest house in the San Fernando Valley community of Van Nuys, which she quietly acquired from her aunt and uncle — Bill and Peggy Sue Singlehurst — last year. !function (f, b, e, v, n, t, s) { That property was recently available with a reduced $1.7 million pricetag, but was taken off the market earlier this month after failing to snag a buyer. Her rise to fame and success came […] }); She just recently ended her longterm, high-profile relationship with New York governor Andrew Cuomo, but Sandra Lee is already bouncing back … }(window, document, 'script',

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// kargo a spacious great room sports a vaulted ceiling and a tremendous brick fireplace, plus grey carpeting and whitewashed walls that continue throughout the residence. Sandra Lee was horrified by the contents of my pantry. Her philosophy in the kitchen boils down to a “30 percent fresh, 70 perfect store-bought” rule. The brick courtyard offers some nice landscaping and plenty of space for alfresco dining or entertaining, and there’s also a two-car garage lying immediately adjacent. After splitting with her boyfriend of 14 years, "Semi-Homemade" chef Sandra Lee has made living her best life a priority. Lisa-Maree Carter of Pinnacle Estate Properties held the listing; Julian Alexander of Compass repped Lee. “Over the recent past, we have realized that our lives have gone in different directions and our romantic relationship has turned into a deep friendship,” a joint statement from Lee and Cuomo said. var s = document.createElement('script'); The celebrity chef purchased a 1,719 square-foot home right on the water for $3.38 million, that boasts two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a really nice kitchen. Lee claimed she has been feeling “good,” after her split with Cuomo but was “sad” during an appearance at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball in New York City. “Our personal lives remain personal and there will be no further comment.” The news came after reports surfaced claiming the two were not living together any longer.

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