And humans for most of our evolutionary history didn’t really know more than 150 people. And there’s a lot of research that goes into how to optimize games and apps and the devices themselves to maximize our attention. And it’s well understood even in very conventional settings that this is not a…this is a problem in the brain and how the brain is responding to, you know, to that experience. He has appeared regularly in the media, including The Dr. Oz show and Fox & Friends, as well as top-rated health podcasts, such as The Broken Brain, The Doctor’s Farmacy and The Ultimate Health Podcast. Dr. Hedberg: Yeah, I’m glad you brought up social media because that ties into this in… At least the papers that I’ve read so far, it’s pretty clear that this has a negative impact on mental health, depression, anxiety, just not feeling well after being on social media. Hashimoto's Disease – Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:04:26 — 59.4MB) | Embed, Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | Spotify | Pandora | iHeartRadio | Stitcher | Email | TuneIn | Deezer | RSS | More, Dr. Hedberg provides world-wide, virtual health consultations. His latest book is Unconventional Medicine. They’re actually doing it because they’re awaiting the feedback from other people. Dr. Kresser: Thanks, Nick. People are, I think, a lot more isolated today than they were in the past like, you mentioned earlier. And that I think is really harmful because it leads to a very narrow presentation of human experience and what is acceptable and what is real and normal. And so I think sometimes talk psychotherapy may not be effective in those cases. And so many issues, you know, come up with that regarding climate change and water availability, the future of that, just many things are gonna tie in. And those other therapies, you know, very effective as well and there are some great breathing techniques out there too in yoga nidra. So have you looked into that area much recently? And that’s really what I think the power of functional medicine is about. And this is what we’re talking about when I’m talking about SIBO or other conditions that are influenced or even primarily driven by this constellation of factors in the brain. And there’s a lot of shame and guilt and blame and that gets mixed up in that, but the reality is if you’re a human being you’re prone to this. So there’s a tension there because, you know, one example would be the principle of treating the patient and not the disease. If you send your kid to a Waldorf school, which for full disclosure I do, we do, you have to sign a contract that says you’re not even at home, you’re not exposing your child to screens and up to, you know, especially young children. I think AI is gonna make a big impact on medicine and I actually look forward to it. Dr. Hedberg: Exactly, and I’m glad you brought this up because one of the things I would say the most interesting research at least for me, that I read is “Psychoneuroimmunology.”. Great podcast! But I think the research has been pretty clear that those so-called connections do not have the same impact on us that real, you know, live in-person human connection does. In CRPS, what happens is that the brain gets confused and even when there is no ongoing structural damage the brain continues to respond as if an acute injury is present. So having said all that, I do think that we…there are ways to design research studies that can be effective. Where you’re seeing through the lens of…you’re seeing the problem through the lens of like a limbic system injury or an actual change to the brain that’s below the level of conscious thought. So the ancestral diet our approach is really just about getting back to that basic template of foods that human beings have eaten for, you know, 99% of our evolutionary history. Can you tell everyone? I think the other thing that is so harmful about social media, in particular, is encapsulated in the famous Mark Twain quote which is “Comparison is the death of joy.”. If you get injured or you have an acute emergency care situation and that requires treatment. And the social psychologists that I’ve read explained that women or young girls when they post on social media, they’re actually doing it for different reasons than the boys. I drink a lot of goat kefir at the Trader Joe’s has a good one that I like. Chris has been a guest on podcasts and nationally syndicated television shows, and regularly speaks at conferences and seminars. And so the good news is I think there is some movement, you know, even among some of the technology companies. Or maybe it’s nervous system dysfunction and this is what I’ve been thinking a lot about recently and looking into. We were in these tribes of about 100 people, we had all that support and love and things to fall back on. So like let’s say I get a patient and I get them meditating, and you know, walking out in nature and improving their diet, taking a few supplements, you know, improving their sleep. Your email is safe with me. By showing providers with higher ProfilePoints™ first, Dr. Kresser: Yeah, sure the main website is You know, as long as they’re getting the result and the disease rates are dropping and people’s wellbeing and quality of life is going up and their life stand is extending, it doesn’t matter. Today we are suffering from an epidemic of chronic disease, in fact, seven of 10 deaths are caused by chronic diseases. But sometimes I think that fight or flight response can get stuck and then persist inappropriately even after that trigger is gone. And I think in some cases let’s say somebody goes traveling and they get a parasite infection and that infection is treated successfully so the parasite is gone. What we’re talking about here is a nervous system, limbic system dysfunction, that is in the brain and the nervous system. So why do you think chronic illness has become such a big problem in our country? And what we know about local foods is that they’re more nutrient dense than foods that are grown and shipped across the country. So why don’t we jump in and just talk a little bit about conventional health care because obviously there are some big issues there with conventional medicine. I mean, what…we’ve been talking about this theme of mismatch, so I wanna just go into that a little bit here about why technology and smartphone addiction and technology addiction is so harmful and why none of us, you know, are immune to it. Which is if you envision it like a mathematical formula. Dr. Kresser: Which, as I mentioned, is not really a paleo because if I could go back in time and change the title of that book I would. So why don’t we close by discovering a little bit of your work, in particular, on the ancestral diet and lifestyle, I know you’ve written a lot about this and some books. I wish I could be really optimistic about the health of everyone but it’s difficult. And one of the things that’s really interesting is how women are affected very differently when there’s relationship stress, if there’s any loneliness. And we might take specific steps to address those underlying causes in order to resolve the signs and symptoms of Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis in those patients. And you know, we have some basic characteristics of physiology, anatomy you know, everything else that we share in common. And if you consider, for example, 10 patients with inflammatory bowel disease or ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, in a conventional model, they would all be treated similarly because their focus is on the disease that they have, not who they are. Whereas the boys they’re not as concerned about how much positive feedback they’re getting. A full breakdown of points can be seen This information should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Kresser: Yeah, so I think there’s another interesting and morally and ethically questionable phenomenon here, which is that most of…many CEOs and leaders of these tech companies send their kids to Waldorf schools.

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